Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Where in WDW: Shelves of Sully

I have a hairy Where in WDW photo challenge for y'all this week...

Well...maybe more furry than hairy!  I love this display of blue and fuzzy Sully (from Monsters Inc.) pillows.  It seems to be in a warehouse of some you know where you might find this Disney scene?

Good work guessing on last week's trivia - that lovely Disney bookshelf painting can be found in the rooms at the Grand Floridian Resort!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Pie-O-Rama at Flo's V8 Cafe

Get ready for some CARSLAND pixie dust from Disneyland, my friends!

Today's sweet treat comes to us from the one and only Flo's V8 Cafe...

...home of Flo's Famous PIE-O-RAMAS! ("Made RIGHT Here")

When you see something with a name as awesome as pie-o-rama, you have absolutely no choice but to try it.


SO.  We'll turn our wheels through the cliffs of Ornament Valley to Radiator Springs.


It's ok if you get distracted by some of the awesome sights along the way or go for a quick race.  I couldn't even take how cool Carsland was and how full of interesting and beautiful details!

...but some of my favorite details I discovered right at Flo's!  It really feels like stepping into the movie walking past the familiar gas pumps and oil cans.

I love the entrance atrium where the line winds around - there are gas pumps lined up off to the side with Flo's specialty blends, and the Motown tunes cannot be beat.

Even the lights and crazy retro chandelier are dancing along!

I could stand here dancing and watching the up lighting change from purple to pink to orange to blue all day...but we've got to place our order!

You'll probably still be tapping your feet to the beat as you stand in line. ;)


Sample pie-o-ramas and the milkshakes are on display in the cases, and there are pretend jukeboxes (with hits from the Motorama Girls listed) up at the counter.  I love the Cast Member sign - "Car Hops Only."

Go with the FLO on the Mother Road, route 66!  This space is positively packed with fabulous art and designs inspired by and right out of the movie.

Y'all already know how much I adore the Motorama Girls and their room and records and mural!

There's more retro chandy candy here and a giant rear-view mirror!

There's more seating outside of the Motorama Girls room, but if you'd rather be in the AC, there's another room off to the other side of the ordering area.

It's Doc Hudson's clinic and museum!  Once again, the details are just everywhere...


The Hudson Hornet's Piston Cups are on display!  A grumpy old car once told me, it's just an empty cup - so you'll also find Doc Hudson's medical degrees in Clinical Studies of Internal Hydraulics and his Doctorate in Internal Combustion.

Sorry, guys.  I'm getting sidetracked by all the Pixar pixie dust!  Let's get back to the topic of today's post:

THE PIE-O-RAMA.  It comes in three flavors: strawberry-rhubarb, apple and cheddar cheese, and chocolate!

I sampled the strawberry-rhubarb version.

Isn't it cute?  And it had such a great name - I really wanted to love it.  But to be honest I'm not a huge fan of the strawberry-rhubarb combination, and the filling was a little mushy.  It was warmed up and the crust wasn't bad, but it wasn't quite the home run I'd hoped for.

The Chocolate Mud Pie-O-Rama I did not sample, but it was apparently also a disappointment.

Mama Snob described it as involving pudding from a box mix.  We're all chocolate fans, and these did not even really get eaten!  It's such a pity, because I love the idea of a pie-o-rama, but the reality was not so great.

Even if you don't try the pie-o-rama, you should still swing by Flo's because there's so much to see.  The sweet treat may have been a wash out, but Carsland itself was a complete success.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Disney World Packing and Wardrobe Planning

GUESS WHAT, GUYS.  We're headed on a summer Disney World trip!

I always do my nails in white before we leave!  It's just a few more days now - I'm planning to do some LIVE vlogs, so make sure you're subscribed to my youtube channel.  And there will be tweets and instagram pixie dust as well!  In the meantime we're getting everything packed and ready to go... 

...and vlogging it, of course. :)

THESE boxes recently came in the mail!!

We finally requested some MagicBands for our passes and connected them to our resort reservation.  Surprisingly they still sent us a box of bands for the resort stay in addition to the passholder box.  So we have duplicate sets!


So many pretty colors!  I haven't decorated mine yet...I have to get on that!

MagicBand Madness!  Do you see that gold in the background?


I pulled out my princess crowns and Disney headgear!  You don't get to wear a tiara in real life, so why not wear one at the parks?  We're flying this time, so I don't think I'll have room for all of them. ;)  I've also been deciding which pair of sunglasses to bring... 

Those pink ones I found at Carsland at Disney's California Adventure - very Motorama Girl!  They'd look fabulous at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

I'm thinking these for the Animal Kingdom.  A ridiculously huge pair of summer sunglasses is a necessary Disney style item!

A book or two always manages to make it onto my packing list!  I've got my Disney journal and my kindle.  Generally I prefer real books, but an ereader is so convenient and lightweight for travelling.  There are so many free books to get too!

My go-to Disney Vera Bradley bag is also ready to go!

I like to lay out all my wardrobe options and then decide what to wear where...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Where in WDW: A Disney Bookshelf

Books are my favorite.  This is no secret.  And for this week's Where in WDW trivia, I couldn't resist sharing a painting of a wonderful Disney bookshelf...

This looks like my kind-of library - the titles include: Anne of Green Gables, Peter Pan, Moby Dick, The Wind in the WillowsPride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility (YAY!) as well as some princess fairytales and memorabilia from classic Disney movies.

Have you spotted this painting before?  Post your guess in the comments!

Hint: If you've been paying attention to this week's posts, you may have spotted it in one of the earlier pictures!

And props to those who guessed last week's challenge - that waterside scene is below the International Gateway bridge.  There's a walkway there connecting the Beach Club / Boardwalk area to the Epcot park entrance!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gaston Appreciation Post: Pork Shanks, Biceps, and More

He's got a super swell cleft in his chin.

He's especially good at expectorating.

He's a super success, don't you know - can't you guess?

Today's post is all about the one and only GASTON and his corner of New Fantasyland!

I love the Beast's Castle and Be Our Guest restaurant, but I was rather disappointed by Belle's Village to begin with.  As a bookish girl myself, I still wish they'd given us a bookshop.  But now I tend to think of it as Gaston's Village, and that somehow makes it better.  After all, the tasty things at Gaston's Tavern and the meet and greet with Gaston himself are the two coolest things here.

Ohhhhh that Le Fou's Brew - so yummy!

More tastiness from inside Gaston's.  These do look nice, but I'm sorry.  A case of chocolate croissants does not a patisserie make.  Blog reader Laura M reported on a lovely Belle cupcake they had here during the Disney Side 24 hour event - I wish they had it all the time!  Then again, pastries just don't seem much Gaston's style.

Hunks of meat, on the other hand, just scream G-A-S-T-O-N.  My, what a pork shank!  My brother Athos is crazy about this thing.

He practically inhales them.  It's one of his top must-have snacks...or rather meals!


The pic on the right just makes me laugh - everyone is stopping to admire the meat.  Including the mini twin Athos clones.  They were just ahead of us in line to meet the man himself.  I had managed to convince Athos to say hello - after all, we had never met Gaston before, and he was right across from his tavern!

Watching the families ahead of you with Gaston makes the wait fun - and usually Gaston doesn't have too long of a wait anyway.  Gaston advised the little boys to eat plenty of eggs and to keep away from beasts.  As they were walking away he goes, "I know, the pleasure's all yours!"

This proved to be one of my favorite character interactions EVER and also one of my favorite videos...

My autograph book didn't have Gaston's signature yet, so according to him it was just blank pages.  "Well, pages with princess autographs," I said.  "Exactly..." Gaston replied.  "Blank pages."

Athos is very proud of his muscles, so I told Gaston he thought his biceps were better.  Gaston, without missing a beat, replies, "It is a land of fantasy!"

I had to admire this guy's character skills - his face never once broke the Gaston mold.  Even getting ready for the picture he had a perfect supercilious sneer...and then...

He looks exactly like his statue!  He's even got the eyebrow!

So many muscles!  And another hilarious face.

I paid Gaston another visit a few months later during my quest for Prince Charming advice.  He was funny and pompous as usual, but not quite as perfect as before. ;)

My mom has this crazy idea our Gaston could be friends with Aladdin these days.  I'm not so sure, but he was definitely an amazing meet and greet.  It's funny how the villains can be even more fun than the good guys and mice and princesses!

It's also funny to see the swooning Gaston following that has developed on the internet.  I mean, he tries to kill the beast, remember?  He even sings a whole song about it!  But I bet this meet and greet has helped him gain fans - I'm more of a Belle than a bimbette, but I still have to admit that meeting him in person is extremely fun. ;)

Have you paid Gaston a visit in New Fantasyland yet??