Friday, June 27, 2014

Summertime Friday Finds

I've got some Friday pixie dust, friends - some sweet cupcakes, pretty hammocks, clever shows, and summer-y tunes:

1. Loved Rachel's recent cupcake find on Love and Sushi.  That Minnie playset is simply too cute - with the bows on top of the cupcakes!

2. Have you seen the new Frozen cupcakes at the Main Street Bakery?  I've seen Olaf apples and other treats, so I love that he has a snowman cupcake now!

3. Anthropologie has a summer hammock post on their store blog.  How pretty and colorful is that fringe?  Love it!

4. I introduced my mom and brothers to the show Sherlock, and now they're hooked!  We've just been rewatching season 3 and laughing hysterically at Watson's bachelor party.  Do you have an international reputation? ;)

5. Confession: Alan Jackson's It's Five O' Clock Somewhere has been my summer anthem lately...which is silly because I don't really drink, I just love that song! ;) And the music video is so sweet and summery and fun too - those bartender tricks!

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