Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kill Refurb Marry: Epcot Pre-Shows

Happy Wednesday, everybody!  The usual Where in WDW trivia post is coming up, but FIRST it's time for another Kill Refurb Marry blog hop with Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place!  The theme this month is Epcot Pre-Shows.  Without further adieu...

KILL: Ellen's Universe of Energy

This isn't so much a "kill this pre-show" sort-of pick as a "this entire thing needs to DIE NOW" sort-of pick.  In the past, my family would go years without riding it and then think to ourselves, "Oh, we should try that again.  It has Ellen and Bill Nye the Science Guy."  It does sound promising, but don't trust it.  BIG MISTAKE.  I tend to think of it as 45 minutes of my life and my Epcot day that I will never get back.  There needs to be something way cooler here.  Something where I don't sit in the ride vehicle in a dark room with nothing to do but stare at a blinking radio tower and listen to extinction jokes for a solid 15 minutes.  (Even Athos, who loves dinosaurs, is ready for this attraction to go.)

REFURB: Food Rocks

Food Rocks was a fantabulous audioanimatronic show in which various food stuffs would sing and dance and teach you about nutrition.  It was the coolest thing in the Land pavilion...they got rid of it to make room for Soarin.  Sniff.  Didn't it have a pre-show?  Or was it just a waiting area with some fun Food Rocks songs?  I don't remember, but I always remember it fondly, and my brothers always want it back - the pre-show and the whole show.  They could add some more impressive audioanimatronics, but the songs were what we really loved!

MARRY: Voices of Liberty

Two words: ROCKY TOP.  No wait, three: Rocky Top TenesseeeeEEEEEEEE.  OHHHhhhh, how I love that song when the Voices of Liberty sing it.  On completely random occasions in the car or in the grocery store, one of my brothers or I will start with "Two strangers went up Rocky Top..." and someone will invariably chime in, "lookin' for a moonshine stiiii-IILLLLL!"  We should probably just join the Voices of Liberty.  Then we would get to wear awesome costumes and learn how to make that funky THX noise (seriously, how do they do that??  I think it has something to do with the dome).

SOULMATE: Impressions de France

I'm bending the rules on this one, because obviously Impressions de France isn't a pre-show at all, it's a MAIN ATTRACTION. ("But Emma, it's so dated."  Don't even talk to me.)  It's the movie in the France pavilion, and I can never walk by it without wanting to go in and travel to France.  When I worked at the Boardwalk, I used to run over to Epcot after work just to get some chips from the England pavilion and watch Impressions de France.  And then when I got to go to France last spring, I planned my trip around the sights in the movie.  It was EPIC.  Impressions de France has been the pre-show to my Epcot and real-life adventures, and for that reason I felt it ought to be included. ;)

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  1. You are so creative & such a genius. I love it. I never would have thought of the Food Rocks thing (I think I might have missed that) or your clever twist on "soulmate". As always, thanks so much for taking part and being amazing!

  2. I am so with you on the Ellen ride. Love her, but that ride has to go. :)

  3. Voices of Liberty! Totally didn't even think of that as a pre-show, but you're right! They are the best. Also, that's a super cute story about your trip to France :)

  4. OMG. You're just the cuuuuuuuutest. Thanks so much for playing. And for killing Ellen. :p

  5. Impressions de France is my favorite too! Sorry, I just found your blog recently and have been going through some older posts, but I just had to comment this! Impressions de France FOREVER AND EVER LOVE.

    1. Welcome to the blog! It's lovely to hear from a fellow Impressions de France aficionado - I simply adore that show. :)