Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Wear Your Lilly Day!

Happy First Day of Summer, everybody!  And also...


Happy National Wear Your Lilly Pulitzer Day!!  Wear Your Lilly Day?  What's that, you say?

It's to celebrate the first day of summer - and apparently there are lots of fun things going on in the stores.  I wish I could be heading to the mall today - but just earlier this week we got to stop by King of Prussia, and the smiling summer colors in the window of the Lilly store were too much to resist. :)


This is my kind-of store...lots of pretty colors and patterns, plenty of pink!


Even the dressing rooms are adorable, and there's a pink giraffe painted on the wall.  That's just awesome.


I generally associate Lilly Pulitzer with sleeveless sheath dresses, and while I love their pretty patterns, y'all know I'm a swirly skirt sort-of dress snob. ;)  But there was quite a variety of styles in the store - did you know they even have a children's line?  I love that dress in the middle...makes me want to go on another Disney Cruise!

Soon my steps turned to the sale area...

All the racks were bursting with stylish much pretty!

There were even dresses with SLEEVES.  I was so excited.  Those lacy ones looked like something straight out of the closet of the Duchess of Cambridge!  Often enough when I go shopping I come home empty-handed...I like to wait for a style that's exactly right.  But I had good luck that day - I found two snobalicious dresses!

Feeling fancy with my Lilly bag - I LOVE it when stores have a really pretty shopping bag.  As we were leaving, my mom noticed the sign in the window, that June 21st is Wear Your Lilly Day.  "You'll have to wear your dress on Saturday!" she said.  So I am!


I don't usually do sleeveless, but I made an exception for this dress - the style and the neckline and the print were just right - it's so summery and cheerful!  AND it had pockets.  Perfection.


While we were taking these photos this morning, my brother Athos came over with an incredible Imperial moth he had found.  So we decided to include it in the fashion "look."

Moths are all the rage in Paris this season, didn't you know?

Will you be wearing Lilly today?  Share your summer shopping stories in the comments! :)

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