Friday, June 20, 2014

Five Pretty Links

It's Friday again, and you guys know what that means!  I don't have too many Disney links this week...I thought we'd just go with some pretty pixie dust of assorted kinds.  Do you have any favorite web finds from this week?  Share them in the comments! :)

1. I absolutely love the Pocket Princess comics by Amy Mebberson - did you know she's on instagram now?  This recent one made me smile because: cupcakes.  I'm totally with Aurora - bring on the chocolate!

2. From Disney princesses to real royalty...Suri's Burn Book always seems to have the scoop (and probably something snarky to say!) on the fashionable little princesses of Europe.  And how funny was the gif from the Swedish royal baptism?

3. So much pretty in this recent wedding feature on Style Me Pretty.  That hair jewelry is so unique - and the shoes.  And a dress that actually has sleeves??  YES PLEASE!

4. Speaking of style, I'm kind of in love with the striped blazer and clock shoes from Wendy's Look Book.  I don't think I'd ever be able to afford that pair of flats, but with a gold paint pen and a pair of cheap black shoes from Payless...hmmm...

5. This one is for all the Lizzie Bennet Diaries fans - did you know there are some NEW bonus videos of Lizzie and Darcy up on the channel?  At first I was wondering if maybe they were going to bring those characters into the Emma Approved series that is still going on (I keep up with it in a dilatory sort-of fashion, but I'm still not a fan)...but I think it's to promote the new LBD book they have coming out.  I'm not sure I like the idea of a book - interpreting Jane Austen in a new medium like web videos is one thing, but she already wrote the book on Elizabeth and Darcy.  I don't get why so many people feel the need to rewrite her stories when they're so perfect already.  But then I'm a bit of an Austen snob as well as a Disney snob... ;)

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