Friday, June 6, 2014

Fab Friday Finds: 6/6/2014

I hope everybody has been having a fabulous first week of June!  Here are some Disney links to see us into the weekend:

1. So much trip report excitement over on the DISboards from some of my fav Disney friends: the lovely BellaSoleil has started up her pre trip report for October, and Rachel of Love and Sushi has a brand new report as well!  There's an AKL + DHS update on my TR as well...I need to get that thing finished so I can start the next one. :)

2. You guys know I love Where in WDW trivia, and I feel like I should know where this fun photo from Plus the Magic is's on the tip of my tongue...but I just can't think of it!  I want to say the line for Buzz...maybe??

3. I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of the Main Street Bakery and other new Starbucks locations at Disney World.  Starbucks in my "real world" pixie dust - when I'm at WDW I would rather have a unique treat that I can only get there.  However I am starting to see the fun with Mouse on the Mind's Starbucks Magical Menu post.  I love that they'll write your favorite character's name on the cup, and if they started inventing special Disney-World-themed concoctions, I would definitely want to try them!

4. If you follow me on twitter, you'll know I've been hugely enjoying the show 19 Kids and Counting lately.  Why aren't there more people in the world like the Duggars?  I love them!  The four oldest girls have a new book out, and in watching 19 Kids episodes on youtube, I came across this fun hair tutorial from Jill and Jessa!

5. Putting together a new Disney Cruise video for my BookishPrincess youtube channel has me wishing I could go back to Castaway Cay and go on a bike ride, sit in a hammock.  And that sunrise on deck with the perfect blue sky and puffy pink clouds??  TAKE ME BACK!

-----Where in WDW: Green Bottle Wall-----
-----Emma in Europe: Chester Cathedral-----


  1. Awww, thanks for the mention! I'm so excited to be working on a NEW trip report instead of just trying to finish the Disneymoon one.

    I love 19 Kids and Counting too! I've been watching the older seasons on Netflix again. I have 2 of the books at this point and am in the midst of reading The Duggars: 20 and Counting on my nook.

  2. Thanks for my mention, too! :) I am very intrigued by the campfire frap. I don't really like Starbucks, but that sounds yummy.


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