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Disneyland Paradise Pier Hotel Review

There are three official Disney hotels at Disneyland Resort in California - the Disneyland Hotel, the Grand Californian Hotel, and the Paradise Pier.  We've had a quick tour of the Grand Californian lobby, but today we're going to have an in-depth look at one of the others...


This hotel is located right across the street from Disney's California Adventure and has a vibe to match the Paradise Pier area of the park.  The theming is not quite on the same level as other Disney resorts, but there is a Goofy in the lobby!

Here's the Front Desk area...notice the sun in the woodwork.  He's everywhere at the Paradise Pier!

There's a Guest Services desk off to one side of the lobby as well.


The hotel lobbies at Walt Disney World are one of my favorite spots to just hang out and relax with a book - unfortunately the Paradise Pier has a very basic layout and isn't really one of those sort-of spaces.  There are some booths and benches stretching off down the hallway between the gift shop and the cafe though...


Mickey in Paradise is the gift shop, and there's a quick service type eatery called the Surfside Lounge.  At the far end of the lobby hallway is the PCH Grill which has a character breakfast.

There are only four elevators for fifteen floors, and there can be a back-up sometimes.  If you're staying club level, there are stairs going up to the second floor, where the lounge is, so you can skip the elevators.

This isn't as immersive as other Disney properties, but there are still plenty of details to take in - all the festive artwork reminded me of the Boardwalk Resort!

Instead of just a kid's area there's a kid's tv room with a Sleeping Beauty sand castle!

"Mickey's Beach" Fitness Center has a Mickey-shaped window in the door!

One of the most convenient things about staying here is your proximity to the parks.  If you're walking to the main turnstiles, you'll exit behind the Paradise Pier on the parking garage side and walk between the palm trees and the Disneyland hotel to get to the Downtown Disney area.


You cut through Downtown Disney, and soon you'll be seeing those iconic gates!  If you want to take a shortcut to Disney's California Adventure, though, you'll want to go out the front entrance and cross the street to the Grand Californian.

Guests from all three Disneyland hotels are welcome to use the Grand Californian's entrance to DCA - you do need to show a room key for your party.  Sometimes - especially at opening - the turnstiles can back up a bit, but the line does move quickly.

Definitely get up early and take advantage of the extra magic hours resort guests get!  The parks were dead for that first hour...way more quiet than a Walt Disney World park would be for a resort EMH.  Probably because there are only three hotels-worth of guests instead of twenty-three!


When you're inside Disney's California Adventure Park, you can see the bulk of the Paradise Pier rising up just across the way - very fun!  And there are theme park could watch World of Color from your room!  You can catch glimpses of the nighttime shows elsewhere in the hotel too, as we'll get to in a minute.

The first thing I had to do when we arrived was catch a glimpse of the park.  I walked down to the far end of the third floor terrace (where the pool is) to find this:

You can hear the screams from California Screamin!  So exciting!

Of course I had to do a video room tour. :)

Back's a Disney hotel - there have to be Hidden Mickeys in the carpets!

Let's have a look in the room!  The room numbers are all mounted on surfboards. :)

There's a sandy carpet with bright greens and blues - I loved the enormous sun mirror in the corner!  And do you see what's on the beds?

BEACH BALL PILLOWS!  Such a fun touch - although definitely tempting to throw around in a pillow fight. ;) There was a note warning that if any of them stowed away in your suitcase, you'd be charged $60 per pillow - that's an expensive beach ball!


The walls have some beach-y art as well, a poster of Donald Duck and a Bee!

Love the bright umbrella paintings - and do you see that lifeguard Mickey lamp in the corner?  It's the same as the one at the Beach Club!


So many interesting lamps - a lighthouse and a surfboard!


Armoire with the tv and the couch which folds into a daybed.


The bathroom is pretty standard, although the surfboard shower curtain is fun!

My very favorite part of the room was right outside...

We had a patio area!  Those chairs were so comfy, and it was so much fun to sit out here and enjoy the California sunshine!

Rooms on the pool side of the third floor have the patios (many of them are club rooms I believe).  The pool is just across the walkway and up these steps...

The landscaping here was fantastic...


As we're out here, shall we have a look at the pool?  Yes, let's have a look at the pool.

The pool is on the third floor rooftop terrace - it's surrounded by beachy billboards.

There are some steps on the other side of the pool to the parking garage - so you if you're staying on the third floor, you could park up there and cut through the pool to get to your room!

The water slide - my little brother enjoyed this!

The sun-shaped kiddie pool.


It was fun to hang out here, surrounded by palm trees!


There were some seating areas at one end of the pool...

...and beyond them was a big open area with more tables and the pool bar (it was closed during our stay).  This is also the end of the terrace you want if you're looking to see the Disneyland fireworks.  I came out one night and there was already a little crowd assembled.

Watching the Disneyland Hotel lit up at night while waiting for the show!

The fireworks should have gone off from that direction, but they ended up being cancelled due to smog!  World of Color was starting in fifteen minutes, so I dashed to the elevators to get up to one of the higher floors.  You want to be about 11th floor or above to have a good view...

It's not a perfect view, and unfortunately the music isn't pumped into the hallways - although the windows can open a crack and then you can hear it a bit from across the street!


It was so much fun to have a taste of World of Color from the hotel before we actually saw it in person in the parks.  You can't see the projections, but the fountains are so incredible to watch, and it's against the backdrop of the glowing cliffs of Carsland.  Gorg. eous!

What's your favorite place to stay when visiting Disneyland??

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