Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Where in WDW: Working Hard and Hardly Working

There are so many little jokes and funny scenes at Walt Disney World - the classic ones that you just have to see every time you visit.  This week's Where in WDW trivia involves two such characters who never fail to make me smile...


Two monks are working on either side of a desk...or rather, one is working hard...the other is hardly working.  He's taking a snooze!  Have you seen these two?

As for last week's challenge, the shield and arrows can be found on the stunning Grand Canyon fireplace in the lobby of the Wilderness Lodge!


  1. I love Spaceship Earth! It never gets old for me, and I've referenced it SO many times while teaching. Haha, I don't know history very well, but I know whatever is mentioned on this ride! And it also took me MANY rides to finally see the hidden Mickey on the sleeping monk's paper!