Sunday, May 25, 2014

Minnie Mouse's Hollywood Drawing Room

Today's pinch of pixie dust is going to involve plenty of old school Hollywood glamor with a twist from a certain fabulous mouse we all know and love...


The Drawing Room is a new meet and greet area at Hollywood Studios dedicated to the one and only Minnie, and there are so many fun new details to take in!

Even before you enter this park, out by the buses and rows of parking, you're immersed in a fabulous Hollywood atmosphere - the bright colors, the retro style, the tall skinny palm trees just like in LA.

It was impossible to walk past the Frozen billboard in the DHS parking lot without snapping a pic, so here it is ;)

To meet Minnie in her new spot, you'll want to head for Animation Courtyard and the Magic of Disney Animation building.  We usually skip the line and the movie and just cut through the gift shop off to the right to get to the fun stuff.  I love the Animation Academy class they do back there where you can learn to draw Disney characters.  But you'll also find the characters themselves... Wreck-it-Ralph and Vanellope!  You can't miss them: they're front and center meeting by a very colorful Sugar Rush backdrop...and the line that you wait in is themed like Game Central Station!  Sorcerer Mickey also has a big area, but Minnie is set back from the crowds a bit...

The drawing room has a room with Minnie-inspired art where you wait.  The signage and setting of is a little less obvious that some of the other meet and greets, which I think might make the line a little shorter.  I'm not sure if you can book Fastpass+ for this yet, but I suspect that's what those covered pillars on the right are.

I loved these funky, Hollywood-style sketches of classic Disney characters on the walls...even Oswald!


Minnie and Mickey are on the left, Donald and Daisy on the right.


Minnie is such a star - all of the posters were inspired by her and classic movies (with some hidden nods tp Disney legends!).  There's "The Jungle Cruise," "The Bride of Frankenollie," and "Cleopatra and Mouse Antony."

Here's "Casamousa" instead of "Casablanca."


Also "The Maltese Duck" and "Ailurophobia."

A tropical Minnie in a poster for "Mouse Pacific."


My two favorites had to be "Minnie Poppins" and "Squeakin' in the Rain" - adorable!

When you reach the top of the line, the parties go in one by one to meet Minnie. 

This is SUCH a glamorous greeting area!

I love that they gave Minnie's dress some bling - although I feel like she could be wearing a fabulous, feathery, Ginger-Rogers-style dress and still fit right in.  Speaking of feathers, check out the quill and silvery phone behind her elbow!

There are so many fun touches in this room - it's hard to take them in because Minnie herself is right there!  But I loved the black and white photos from her starring roles, and her shoes and hat box tucked in the corner.

How cute is that photo?  And all the awards on the shelves...


The Hollywood photos reminded me of the safari photos at the Adventurers Outpost at the Animal Kingdom.  Also, I so want that ottoman with the fringe and bows!

Even the ceiling of this room was sparkly!


Will you be meeting Minnie in the drawing room on your next trip?

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