Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Pixie Dust: 5/16/14

We've almost reached the weekend, everybody!  Let's celebrate with some Internet pixie dust...

1. Loved this recent piece from the AllEars blog about little things from the Disney past.  I'm going to miss the old Hub design at the Magic Kingdom so much...I also miss the viking playground at Epcot...and the old name of Dinosaur (Countdown to Extinction was so much more thrilling!).  Also I completely agree - there are no quiet times at WDW anymore.  It's busy or very busy!

2. Mickey Bars, cruise food, pirates, and fireworks, oh my!  There's a new Disney Snob Vlog up from our cruise on the Disney Dream.  Pirate Night was so fun.  And now I feel like a Princess Refresher from the Royal Palace...

3. Suri's Burn Book always makes me laugh...especially this recent post.  I had the same thought when I saw Katie Holmes' dress from the Met Gala - just like Belle!!

4. Confession: I sometimes like to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube.  I KNOW.  I'm not even a big makeup person, but somehow they're just so pretty and relaxing to watch! :)  I especially love the British vlogger Zoella and her new spring look.

5. As an old-fashioned girl myself, I'm a big fan of the blog Old Fashioned Girls and its lovely mix of books, style, and art.  Will have to check out this book recreating meals from famous literary scenes.

And here's the pixie dust recap...

-----Emma in Europe: Chepstow Castle-----

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