Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Disneyland Classic: it's a small world

There is just one moon and one golden sun...

...and today we're embarking on the happiest cruise that ever sailed to look for smiles, friendship for everyone, and some it's a small world pixie dust!

I do love the Disney World version of it's a small world, but I have to say...the Disneyland original blows it out of the water.  It's not just one Fantasyland ride amongst many at Disneyland; it has its own gorgeous corner of the park.  Also unique to Disneyland, inside the ride are some nods to your favorite characters and movies...


There's Woody from Toy Story and Ariel from the Little Mermaid!  But the charms of Disneyland's it's a small world go far beyond the characters...

The outdoor queue and that great big shining facade and all the landscaping completely immerse you in the ride before you've even joined the line.  Strolling around you feel like you might have stepped back in time to the park's opening days.

Just look at all those topiaries!  It's like a Flower & Garden Festival all the time...

A graceful swan watching the boats go by...


I like how the lion was prowling across the canal from the other animals, waiting to pounce!  And I spy a buffalo up by the train tracks!  YES.  Train tracks...

The train runs right alongside and through the facade.  SO COOL.


While we were wandering around the small world area and taking in all the pixie dust, the CLOCK started to go.  Now there is a clock inside the queue area at Disney World, but it doesn't have a whole parade that comes out!  And in the enclosed space it doesn't have the same effect as out in the open air.  At Disneyland, the clock chime is an event.

Each figurine has so much personality and pizzazz - check out the magic carpet man!  And the Egyptian (you can tell him by his walk!).

Do you see the surfer??  And the parasol girl?  There was even a gondolier from Venice!

If you look closely you'll see a can can dancer and a Canadian mountie.  There's a better view of them in the video:

Once I could finally tear myself away from the outdoor theming, we were ready to set sail!  You start out, as in the Disney World version, in the arctic North...

As yet there is no hidden Elsa or Anna in here. ;)  But you do have the twirly pink figure skating girl.

Also the dancers with the incredibly fabulous hats.


Soon we enter England with a chorus standing atop the moon and then Scotland with tartan hills and..are those rose bushes I see??

Why it's Alice and the White Rabbit!  And as you turn the next corner you'll spot...

Cinderelly with her mice!  I knew the characters were coming, and yet it is still such a fun surprise when you start spotting them.  I also loved that they did not distract from or upstage the rest of the classic ride at all.

And after all, it would be pretty difficult to upstage clog dancers in giant tulips.  I love these guys.


...and the shepherdess with her ducks in a row!  Just look at all the lace detailing behind her.  And I always love the Irish scene!


As you sail into Germany you'll see not only Pinocchio but Jiminy Cricket as well!

The dancers in Russia are so talented...


We floated along through Italy (once again, love the hats) and into the East...wait a minute...who is that up on that carpet??


Jasmine is peeking down at you, and I even spy the magic lamp next to her!


Cleopatra may not be a Disney princess, but she and her wink definitely make her the queen of it's a small world!


As you enter China a Mushu kite will catch your eye.  Then as you slowly round the corner, you see who's holding the strings - it's Mulan with the main dragon himself right beside to her!

Next up: the jungle room.  One of my favorites.  Can we take a moment to appreciate how pink all the animals are?  There's that lion...


...those giraffes (with the puffs!), the hippo is kinda purply but let's run with it, and then the snobby camel.  Just love it.

There's so much action going on in this room, you might not even notice a few familiar faces in the safari party...

It's Pumbaa and Simba (and I'm sure Timon is right nearby) from the Lion King!  And they fit in with the scene so seamlessly - you have to do a double take to realize it actually is them.

The three caballeros fit right in in the next room...but that isn't a surprise.  The South America room always makes me feel like I'm riding the Gran Fiesta at Epcot. ;)

Who's that red-haired little mermaid?  Why it's Ariel of course!


I loved that her sisters are all around her.  And across the way you'll find a few other under-the-sea friends...

It's Dory and Marlin!

We emerge from beneath the waves and find ourselves in sunny Polynesia.  That chief and his feathery boat are quite simply boss.


That kangaroo is pink.  The small world designers were clearly people after my own heart.  And just look at that butterfly...its wing span ranges from one foot to a whopping twelve inches.  Oh wait...I'm mixing my Disney ride metaphors, aren't I? ;)

Just when you think the Polynesian room can't get any better, who do you spot hanging ten but the one and only Lilo and Stitch!  Once again the characters fit so perfectly I felt like they had always been there.  And once again the timing of when they appeared was amazing.  I really loved these additions.


Then we come to the rain scene - I just love rain scenes on Disney the rain rain rain came down down down room on the Winnie the Pooh ride.  And small world's is obviously classic...the hatching egges, the funny alligator, the fluffy tiger!

Disney World's small world only has one cowboy and one Native American at the very end, but Disneyland's small world has a whole room for America!  It feels sorta like the Grand Canyon Concourse. :)


...but with Pixar characters!  Woody and Bullseye and Jesse are singin' round the campfire.

Then we enter the last room, which is colorful and simply classic...

...all the singers...

...the can can dancers...

...there's my girl and her ducks again!  Yes, the song will by stuck in your head for the rest of the day, but it will all be worth it. :)


I didn't even want to say farewell...I wanted to hop right back on and ride it again to see what other characters or details I might've missed on the first go!


  1. Be still me heart.... Cutest ride on earth.

    1. Most Whimsical and Beautiful ride ever made!