Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Test Track Photo Finish E-Postcards

It's funny to think of little things at WDW that have changed throughout the years...

An important EPCOT stop for my family used to be Innoventions West and the email photo postcards.  This was in the days before touch phones, when you couldn't share a photo from the parks instantly from your device!  At the IBM booths you could get everyone in the photo, pick a funny background, then email it to family or friends.

It was a tradition that we would always stop there and grab a shot of everyone.  We were sad when they got rid of it...there was another photo email spot at Innoventions by the firetruck, but it wasn't as fun.  And you have funny video e-postcards you can create and send at Mission Space, but what we wanted was the family picture.

So it was a pleasant surprise when, on a recent trip, we found a similar email photo opportunity in the gift shop of Test Track!

I miss the cheerful yellow and black of the old Test Track, but I have to admit that the new one is really cool.  It makes me feel like I'm in the movie Tron. ;)

There are so many fancy new screens to use...while in line, you can design a simulation test car and see how it compares against the actual car you're going to ride in.  Then after the ride, you'll find lots of futursitic games...

But if you're looking for the photo op, keep going until you get to the room with the cars...

People have always liked to pose by the cars in the Test Track showroom, but now there are cyber postcards that you can pose for and email for of the "sets" even has a mini Epcot ball!!

The new service is called "Photo Finish."  There are several different sets with different cars and backdrops to chose from.

Some of the scenes have a car, some do not.


There are futuristic cities, race tracks, provinicial towns...and of course...

Spaceship Earth!

To get started you touch your MagicBand or ticket to one of the kiosks in front of your desired set.

Here you'll enter the email you want the picture sent'll also get to customize the scene you'll be posing in front of!

For the photo op we chose, you can actually chose a world other than Spaceship Earth to be projected onto the sphere, but why would you do that??  You can also pick what you want to appear in the sky behind you...

I think Dart picked the space cruiser!


You make your choices at the kiosk while in line, then head to the panel at the end.  You scan your MagicBand, then the scene you picked will be loaded...

I loved the big giant screens where you can get set for the photo, review the shot, and take another if you need to.  I'm so glad they brought back the email postcards.  They're so much fun!

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  1. Thanks for the explanation! I figured it was something like this the last time we zoomed by each time to hop back on the ride. I just didn't stop to look.