Saturday, April 26, 2014

Polynesian Gossip: Construction Spring 2014

I'm squeezing in a Saturday post this week!  I like to stay up on the construction going on at the Polynesian Resort - I posted in January about the big long dock, and now the DVC bungalows themselves are going up on the Seven Seas Lagoon!  I took some photos back in March that I never got around to sharing...

They were starting to get the little tiki rooftops ready to go!

We made sure to pay a visit to the Great Ceremonial House - a goodbye visit to the space as we know it - what with all the construction that's planned for the lobby.  The Wyland gallery was already closed - apparently that's where there will be temporary check-in desks while they reconstruct the main check-in area.  The desks are supposedly going to the pod-style like at Pop Century.  I'm honestly not a huge fan of the pod design, but whadda you gonna do?  It'll be fun to see all the new stuff in December.  I'm still surprised at the lack of any official concept art of the new spaces.

**UPDATE MAY 2 - The Disney Parks Blog just shared this post about the Polynesian's name change with some sketches!  They've got a tiny waterfall and a tiki god in the center of the lobby instead of a lush, tropical oasis, and apparently there's something called "Trader Sam's Grog Grotto" on the way.**

I really don't know what I'm going to do without this waterfall.  I just don't.

All I can say is that if there are new carpets they better be JUST as cool as the old ones.


A lot of the photos I've seen online have been of the bungalows out on the lagoon, but I haven't seen many of the inside of GCH.  I'd be interested to know what's going on - is Boutiki still open?  What's the deal with the check-in desks?  If the waterfall is walled off, are the seating areas too?  I'd love to hear y'all's thoughts and gossip in the comments!!  Captain Cook's is closed - the temporary replacement is the Cast Member cafeteria, dressed up for the occasion.  YES - there are still cupcakes. NO - there are no dole whips. Sniff.

But let's get outside - LOOK AT ALL THIS FANCY STUFF GOIN ON.

There's a brand new beautiful firepit area from the s'mores making!

You'll find this exact same firepit at some of the other resorts - Beach Club, for instance.  It's definitely an improvement on the Poylnesian's previous firepit, which was literally a fire in a pit on the beach.  This seems safer.

Seeing the tropical ferns and landscaping going on around the firepit promontory made me wonder yet again what kind of promontory/area they'll have for weddings with Sunset Point gone.  The Poly was such a popular venue...

Looking further down the beach we spotted walls and rooftops going up on the water.  These pics were taken in early March - now the bungalows are starting to look finished!

Wall supports...

Zoomed out view from the boat dock!

If you're interested in the hammock situation, there is one lone hammock left on the main beach at the Poylnesian - you can just see it beyond the swing by the green construction walls.  There used to be hammocks right next to the boat dock as well, but they weren't there in March.

There is no construction or anything especially noteworthy in this photo.  I just thought the pink tree and the evening light on the longhouses was super pretty. ;)

We were catching a launch to the Magic Kingdom, so we got a view from the water!

It was amazing to see the progress they made just during our trip.  A few days later there were even more rooftops waiting to go up...

And now they ARE up!  WDWMagic has some more recent photos, and of course the Tikiman has lots of great details and news from April here. cranes just aren't very Disney look, but I suppose there's no helping it.  And while I'm excited to see what all the new things will look like, I'm not super happy that Disney is cramming the Seven Seas Lagoon with another DVC property.  Won't this make the monorail and the resort that much more crowded?  I would  love a brand new resort in some brand new location - they've got all that land, after all!


  1. Might it ease your pain at losing the fountain in the Polynesian Lobby, if they end up opening things up to a view looking out on the Seven Seas Lagoon as soon as you walk in? If I understood the thought process, as I heard it explained, they are trying to bring some of the things they learned from opening Aulani and bring that "open" resort feel, celebrating the sunshine and views, into the lobby. We’ll see how much they can really do as there are other things between the lagoon and the lobby, If I recall correctly, I think this might be part of the reason there has been talk of altering the “volcano” at the pool, as that would be to provide better sight lines for the lobby also.

    1. Wow - so interesting! I'm trying to visualize it...the beach and the water seem kinda far away from the Great Ceremonial House, but that'd be neat to have an open lobby.