Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Finds: 4/25/14

We've reached the weekend!  How about some fab Internet pixie dust to celebrate??

1. So I really wish the Cambridges' royal tour of New Zealand and Australia wasn't over...couldn't they just travel somewhere else so there could be new adorable photos of George and new gorgeous outfits from Kate to see in the news all the time??  Although, I have to say, I feel a little bad for the Duchess that her every accessory (and its cost) is so scrutinized.  But she brings a lot of pleasure with her lovely dresses - the white one was my favorite.  And that RED COAT!  OK, I'll stop now.  How much did William's wardrobe cost, do you think? ;)

2.  What with our California trip and relying on unreliable free wifi (Disneyland does NOT have free wifi like Disney World, isn't that crazy?), I wasn't able to get the 'What's in my Disney Park Bag' video uploaded until just the other day.  But I've added it to the original post, and it's up now!

3. Does the photo of Mickey Mouse antenna toppers from Buzzfeed's recent post about Disney vacation souvenirs look familiar?  It's from one of my posts - so exciting to have my picture featured! :)

4. Mama Snob forwarded me this awesome Star Wars Flashmob Orchestra performance in Cologne, Germany.  So cool!  It reminds me of the Do-Re-Mi flashmob...that one was adorably epic too.

5. Another fun find making the youtube rounds: this dad put his professional video editing knowledge to work on some short home movie clips of his son.  I think 'the floor is lava!' is my favorite.

For yet more pixie dust...

-----Where in WDW: Lanterns - Cybugs-----
-----Emma in Europe: Teatime at Tintern Abbey-----

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