Friday, April 11, 2014

Five Fab Finds: 4/11/14

Happy Friday, friends!  I've got some fun Disney internet finds for you...

1. So my family is heading for a cousin's wedding in California very soon...and we are going to squeeze in a few days at DISNEYLAND!  I am so excited - it has been years since we were last out there.  I've already started to do cupcake research...there's an outside-company kiosk called The Cupcake Store at Downtown Disney.  Then I can't wait to check out the Jolly Holiday Bakery at Disneyland.  Apparently Trolley Treats at DCA had an Easter cupcake last year, then there's an adorable bumblebee cupcake at the Hungry Bear (also at DCA).  Do any of you guys have any Disneyland cupcake suggestions??

2. Speaking of Disneyland, I recently came across this hilarious video of a guy cell phone crashing in the park.  He goes and stands next to someone having a cell phone conversation and responds to all their remarks - all the while pretending to talk on his own phone, as if he were the person on the other line.  It's pretty funny.

3. I love the detail Disney puts into even the most mundane of things in the parks.  Plus the Magic has a collection of fancy "Cast Member Only" signs.  I'm guessing Haunted Mansion for the "Servants' Quarters" one - don't you think?

4. Rolling with the Magic recently featured a lovely accessible room tour at the Yacht Club Resort.  The Yacht Club rooms feel similar to the rooms at their sister resort, the Beach Club, yet they have such a different flavor to them too!

5. One little girl's incredible princess costumes (made by her mom!) have been making the internet rounds recently.  That Mary Poppins photo is too cute...and the Alice one.  They remind me of Janet from the DIS and her gorgeous gowns.

This week's pixie dust from the blog...

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  1. Haha, I've seen a different cell phone crashing video before, but I didn't know he had one in Disneyland! So funny!