Wednesday, March 12, 2014

World Showcase Counter Service: Kill, Refurb, Marry

Get your passports ready, guys.  It's time for another Kill Refurb Marry Disney blog hop hosted by Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place Blog.  This month the topic is World Showcase Counter Service Restaurants!

There is nothing nicer than a blue sky and a beautiful sunset and a evening to snack your way around the world at Epcot!  It's fun imagining what I would do if I were calling the counter service shots...


I honestly haven't been to Sommerfest in awhile, and I don't particularly have anything against Karamell Kuche (although they did get rid of the caramel cupcake they used to sell...not cool...).  My main problem with these Germany counter services is not the menu but the venue.  There you stand with your hot bratwurst or caramel cookie melting in the heat, and there's nowhere to sit.  There are approximately 4 tables total for both of those locations, and half of them are out in the heat and rain, exposed to the elements.  It's so frustrating.

Maybe something in a castle?  Yes, something in a castle.  I want a new restaurant here with air conditioned tables and lots of them!  Since Germany has no ride, it would be nice to have a pretty, detailed counter service would give you an excuse to sit and enjoy.  As it is I feel like I never spend much time in Germany.


Somehow I have just never been wowed by this counter service.  And yet I think the China pavilion is really beautiful with the Temple of Heaven and the garden and all the shops - I love to wander around there.  I'd like the counter service to measure up - maybe a more exciting menu, maybe a more interesting seating area?  This restaurant just needs a little more zip...


This was SUCH a difficult decision - I was going back and forth between France's Les Halles Boulangerie and Norway's wonderful Kringla Bakeri og Kafe (which somehow, in my head, always gets shorted to Kringla Og).

There's nothing I love more than Parisian patisseries, but I am still missing the old location, and Les Halles just wasn't quite as good on our most recent visit.  Kringla also wins out when it comes to sentimental attachment.  I adore it.  Every time I walk by I have to stop in.


It's so atmospheric, and the sweets and savory items are all so tasty - the troll horn, the school bread, yummmm.  The cast members have also always been incredibly nice.  When you ask for a tap water, they give you the largest cup available instead of a kid's cup that's 99% ice (I'm looking at you, Cantina de San Angel...).  Yes, it'd be nicer if the seating was air conditioned, but at least it's covered...and it's kinda fun to sit underneath that grass roof with the greenery spilling off the eaves.

What are your thoughts on the counter service restaurants of World Showcase?  And be sure to check out some of the other posts in the hop...


  1. I'm marrying Kringla Og (also what I call it!) right along with you. :)

    1. LOVE IT! And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks of it as Kringla Og...somehow that name just rolls off the tongue... :)