Sunday, March 30, 2014

Finding Nemo vs. Cars: Art of Animation Room Review

Today we are going to step into the colorful world that is Art of Animation Resort... explore not just one but two different family suites: those in the Finding Nemo section and those in the Cars section!  Art of Animation does have Little Mermaid and Lion King sections as well, but today's post is all about the PIXAR.

So when you head back to your room, do you want to be swimming in a big blue world?

...or would you rather be taking a drive in Ornament Valley?

Each section has its pros and cons: Finding Nemo has the main pool and is closest to the main building with the lobby, Ink and Paint Shop, and Landscape of Flavors food court (click the links above for more photos/info on each).

But then again, the Cars area has a pretty stellar pool as well, and the exterior theming is truly stunning (find more photos of the Finding Nemo area here and Cars here).


Which will it be: the goofy fish or the goofy tow truck?


I don't think Sheriff trusts that fish, you guys... ;)

When you step inside the buildings of either section, you'll find oversized prints and paintings from the movies covering the walls.

Totally awesome, dude!

There's one painting that you'll find on every floor (for Finding Nemo it's of the EAC), but then each floor has a different character scene across from the elevators...


Marlin and Nemo, the whale, and Mr. Ray's class are just some of the faces you'll find. :)

I like the ad for in-room pizza delivery in the elevators in the Finding Nemo buildings!

**Quick Disney public service announcement: if you ever find a flyer for an outside pizza delivery company under your door at a Disney resort, don't use it!  Scammers come into the resort, leave the flyers, steal your credit card when you call, and, to add insult to injury, never deliver the pizza.  Seriously though, don't trust unofficial flyers you find at your resort.**

Now back to Art of Animation!  The every-floor art in the Cars section features Ornament Valley:

So pretty!  And there are different shots of Radiator Springs by the elevators:


Such a simple way to add some excitement and extra pixie dust to the hallways.

In the Finding Nemo building, you feel like you're swimming down the EAC!



The Cars section hallways are very orange.

You do start to feel like you're out along Route 66 in the desert.

Detail from the that a hidden mickey I see??  But enough with the outside - let's step into one of the rooms.  First up, Finding Nemo:

I fell in love with this space: it's an explosion of bright coral-reef colors!


The main living area is right in front of you as you enter the room, and in it you'll find: the couch and tv opposite each other, an extremely funky chair and stools, a small kitchenette next to the couch, and an open closet/hangers area next to the tv.  Off to the other side you'll find a dining area...

The ENTIRE table and wall are like a giant, colorful fish tank.  And just get a look at those chairs!  I loved the under-the-sea scenes in this room.  Sprinkled in amongst the ordinary fish were characters from Finding Nemo, and it was like going on a treasure hunt all over the suite to find them all...

Is that a certain turtle dude I see swimming down there?

Now we'll have a look in the Cars suite: here you'll find a retro vibe and a continuation of the orange and earth tones out in the hallway, with some racing colors thrown in.  The drawers, closet area, and kitchenette are done in red, black, white, and silver.


Safety cone lamps on a safety cone table - they're also all over the curtains and floors!  The dining area in the Cars room is covered in bumper stickers for Radiator is cute, but somehow it didn't wow me as much as the Finding Nemo table.


The Cars space didn't feel as saturated with characters as the Finding Nemo space, but they are still here: there's Doc trying out his old racing tires and McQueen and Sally!


The art is always an important part of a Disney resort room: in the Finding Nemo suite it's being made by a school of fish!  In the photo on the right you can see how the couch folds out into a bed - it does that in both rooms, as does the table...


You can cozy up with Marlin and Nemo or with Mater!  Which leads us to the second room in the family suites, the bedrooms...

In the Finding Nemo section you've got a giant sea life headboard with Peach the starfish on the coverlet.


I wasn't surprised to find a little towel fish swimming around right above Mr. Ray!

 In the Cars section, you've got a very different feel: you've stepped into the cozy cone motel!  On the bedside table you may notice what look like postcards - they are postcards, but they're painted onto the table.  Such a tease!

I do wish they had the cute traffic cone alarm clocks (like in the movie) in the Cars rooms, but at least you can find them outside as you enter the Cars pool area.


Finding Nemo on the left, Cars on the right.  Both rooms do get high points for creative light fixtures...


A jellyfish and a traffic cone!


And the Cars rooms get high points for completely adorable bathrooms.  This carwash will get you "Spiffy in a Jiffy!"

(Although I think the soap should be 'traffic cone orange' instead of 'blushing orange!')


The mirror in the Finding Nemo (not to be outdone) is of course not an ordinary mirror - it's shaped like a porthole, with a message warning you that "Fish are FRIENDS. Not FOOD."  And watch out for sharks in the shower!

Now I have to admit, my heart belongs to the Finding Nemo room:


The colors, the carpet, the details, and THAT TABLE.  I want one in my house just like it.


But if you have a Lightning McQueen fan, I can see that staying in a Cars suite would be a pretty big thrill.

Will you be staying at Art of Animation anytime soon?  Which would you chose?


  1. What an excellent comparison post! I always appreciate all your great pictures!

  2. This really makes me want to stay at the Art of Animation resort...though I can't decide which of these themes I like best. Great to see all the pictures!

    1. I know - all the themes look like so much fun! I would love to stay in a Little Mermaid room someday.

  3. Just got back from AOA and stayed in the Nemo suite. LOVED the entire resort! Nemo suites seem to be the best choice- best pool and closest to cafeteria, buses and store. However cars pool was much quieter. No matter which you choose you can't go wrong! Also...if you go listen when you are swimming under water in the big Blue pool (Nemo) they have under water speakers you can't hear above the water!