Sunday, March 23, 2014

Disney's Beach Club Resort Room Review: Ultimate Corner Room + Illuminations View

The corner room is always the coveted room. :) When my family has stayed at moderate resorts at Walt Disney World, we would often request a corner room to get two windows instead of one.  We didn't know until recently, however, how nice a corner room at a deluxe resort could be...

Today I am taking you to Disney's Beach Club Resort for a room tour!  Ahhh...the Beach Club.  The crisp blue and white.  The restful music.  The lovely smell of that lobby.

I've always loved all the little turrets and towers and architectural details of the Beach Club, but I never thought about how they might translate in terms of room layout.  The little corner in the above photo, for instance, has three windows.  They all belong to one room.  A corner room.  Our room.

Let's set the scene: we've just checked into the Stone Harbor Club at the Beach Club, early in the morning of course, to get some club breakfast!  Luckily there are plenty of rooms ready, and the cast member asks if we have any requests.  "What room would you want to stay in?" my mom asks...

The room we got wasn't far of a walk; it was just off one of the charming, unexpected seating areas you'll find in the Beach Club hallways (I just adore those...they feel like your private sitting room!).  You can see the door to our room behind me to the right, room 5692.

It felt different from Beach Club rooms I remembered as soon as I walked in.  "Was that couch always against the far wall like that?" I wondered.  I did do a video tour as well:

The vlog has food offerings in the Stone Harbor lounge in addition the room!

Usually the couch is opposite the desk, and there's just one big window at the far end of the room.  But here there were three big windows letting the light stream in...

You wouldn't think that windows would make that big of a difference, but they really did!  The space felt so big and light and airy and inviting.

So much floor space!  This room definitely was a few feet longer than your average room, but I don't believe it was a suite or anything.  The Beach Club does have junior suites, but those have french doors connecting two rooms.  This was all one room, and there wasn't any connecting door.  For comparison, here are some photos of a more standard Beach Club room:

The fact that the balcony in our room was not at the very end meant the couch/daybed could go there instead of across from the bed, opening up a lot of space! (lol...I feel like I'm on HGTV writing this post!)


I took these photos in January of 2009 - the decor hasn't changed too much since then!


Back to the present - Beach Club balconies are still small, but still the best!

Our corner room view looked out over the port cochere towards the Beach Club Villas, but the traffic never bothered us.

It was fun to have the beautiful Beach Club tower rising up right there...

...with the pretty aqua of the villas just across the way!  I didn't realize it until the next morning, but if you stood in the right spot, you could see Spaceship Earth from Epcot!

It's blending into the grey sky, but there it is just next to the roofline on the right!  There was also a pretty fabulous bonus view of Illuminations:


We were in the room at 9 to watch the new season premiere of Downton Abbey and saw the flashes of light out the window - I didn't realize we'd be able to see the fireworks.  Thank goodness for Downton Abbey!

Here's a quick video - you could see the higher fireworks really well!

Alright, I'm going to stop enthusing about windows and views now - let's look at some of the details!  Notice  how the tv is framed.  Stacey is a work of art, right? ;)

A Disney room isn't complete without a towel Mickey!

It's interesting to note that all the deluxe resorts are now going over to this Beach Club style duvet/comforter - plain white with a brighter blanket/runner going towards the bottom.  The Crescent Lake resorts (Beach Club, Boardwalk) have had this look for awhile, but it's new at the others, and I'm not sure it works as well.  I don't see why they wanted to get rid of the beautiful, themed bedspreads at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Wilderness Lodge, the Polynesian, the Grand Floridian (ohhh...those gorgeous yellow and blue comforters with the hidden tinkerbells.  Now they've got this bland white comforter with a bland navy blanket).  Maybe it was time for new comforters and this was cheaper?  Maybe it makes the laundry easier?

Sorry.  I like to notice silly little details like that. ;)


ANYway, here's the sink area and restroom!

I always feel so glamorous getting ready for the day in the big Beach Club mirror!

Love the little shaded lamps...and there are hidden mickey's in the wallpaper!


More Hidden Mickey's on the desk chair seat.

The wallpaper in the rest of the room - in case you're wondering - is white with tiny seahorses.


A birdhouse lamp and a lifeguard Mickey!  I love that he's here, and over at the Boardwalk you'll find an elegant Minnie.  Is there a figurine lamp over at the Yacht Club?  I think there must be...

More Beach-y details!  Behind that chair and umbrella is the fridge.  And in the cupboard to the right are some neat shelf drawers.  They make me feel like Lady Catherine: "Shelves in a closet. Happy thought indeed."

Deluxe resort rooms always have beautiful paintings!

Another shot of the desk area and daybed.  And just to show you the challenges of getting room photos before our room gets destroyed...

Photobombing brothers.  They're everywhere.  GET DOWN FROM THERE, DART.


I definitely did not want to leave that room at the end of our short stay.  Don't make me leave my windows! lol.  I've always been a fan of the Beach Club, but that room made me appreciate it even more. :)

Have you ever stayed at the Beach Club?  Share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. SO nice, we booked the BC for our upcoming trip!! I'm really hoping we love it:)

    1. Hope you have a fabulous time! I just love that resort - and it's SO close to Epcot too...

  2. What a fabulous tour of a beautiful resort. We haven't had opportunity to stay here - yet! But I hope to one day!

    1. Thanks! I just love the Beach Club - such a gorgeous place!

  3. Haven't stayed at the Beach Club yet but I seriously want to...and after this post, I might have to move this resort to the top of my gotta-stay-there list!

    1. It is such a lovely resort - and so close to Epcot! Hopefully you'll get to stay there soon! ;)

  4. Hi there, we are staying at BC CL in Dec yay! Just wondering how far your room was from lounge and elevator? Thanks!