Friday, March 21, 2014

Bookish Post: Young Mrs. Savage

There's a pile of books on one of the shelves in my room that used to belong to my grandmother.  They're mostly British literature, written in the 1930's or 40's, out of print now - and they're all utterly charming.

Call me old-fashioned, but I sometimes find it difficult to find books I like amongst the more recently published titles.  But I'm always sure to find something I like in my Grandma's books!  I just finished one recently - the Young Mrs. Savage by D.E. Stevenson - and I thought it'd be fun to do a quick book review post about it. :)

Young Mrs. Savage follows the story of Dinah, a young mother and widow, and her four children, Mark, Nigel,  Polly, and Margy.  Dinah's husband, a sailor, died shortly after WWII, and when the story opens Dinah is exhausted after the stress of the war and trying to make ends meet by herself.  Her twin brother Dan comes back from the Navy and convinces Dinah to take the children on holiday to their old family home in a seaside town in Scotland.

The stories of the children's adventures and misadventures are partly what make this book so fun.  They're so sweet and funny - and stories and memories from the "Dees" (Dinah's and Dan's) childhood are beautifully woven in as well.

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There is renewal, romance, a little bit of a mystery and a surprise twist - but what I love most about this book is just how gentle it is.  There's the lovely seaside town and landscape, the Dees comfy old house, the strict nanny with a heart of gold, funny characters in the village, Scottish castles and history, and cups of tea.  It's just a cozy pleasure to read, like a cup of tea itself...if that makes any sense!

I also love that the characters are so strong and kind, but in an everyday, often uncelebrated sort-of way.  There's some faith and philosophy quietly tied into the story that make it even nicer to read. :)

Young Mrs. Savage is sadly out of print - although it shouldn't be too hard to find used online.  But luckily many of D.E. Stevenson's other books have been coming back into print (and ebook!) recently, so if you can't find Young Mrs. Savage, you could try Miss Buncle's Book or The Young Clementina.  Those two are both excellent as well!

And because I always think it's fun to have a vlog to go with the blog...

Have you guys been reading anything good lately?


  1. This book sounds darling, and I just love the image at the top of the post! I also have a hard time finding modern books that are as good as vintage ones... but since there are so many good old classics to choose from, I don't worry about running out of options any time soon. :)

    1. Thanks, girl! I love my Emma Bridgewater mugs. :) And you should definitely try D.E. Stevenson, I bet you'd love her!

  2. This sounds like such a fun read! It makes me think of two of my absoloute favorite series by Elizabeth Enright. There are several books about the Melendy family, starting with The Saturdays. My very favorite is The Four Story Mistake and a couple more. The other series begins with Gone Away Lake. They are all YA Fiction, but even at 37, I still love them dearly!

    1. I love the Saturdays and the Four Story Mistake! Don't think I've heard of Gone Away Lake, though - will have to check it out. :)