Monday, March 17, 2014

Boardwalk Bakery St. Patrick's Day Cupcake

Top o' the morning, my friends!  And a very Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! :)

What better way to celebrate than with a gorgeous green cupcake??

I spotted this Irish beauty behind the case at the Boardwalk Bakery a few weeks ago.  How cute is that shamrock on top?  The cake is chocolate and the icing is a minty mousse...I couldn't wait to try it!


The cast member that helped us pick out our cupcakes was so nice.  We told him we'd be photographing them for the blog, so he made sure to pick out the ones with the best swirl of frosting and most perfect topping.  Thanks Joseph!!


One of these days I'm going to have to tear myself away from the cupcakes to try some of the other the mickey (or minnie!) tarts and the mickey muffins...

Another cast member almost rang us up for 22 oreo cupcakes instead of two, which just made me laugh, to see $100 worth of cupcakes on the register screen...that's a lot, even for me! :O With the bill fixed and paid, we headed out onto the Boardwalk...


I love the crisp white boxes all your Boardwalk Bakery treats come packaged in!  The sunset and the lights were so pretty...

...we had to stop for a quick cupcake photo shoot!


Work it, darlings!  So gorgeous!

But I couldn't wait to eat!

My brothers went with the classic oreo bon bon cupcake (complete with oreo Mickey ears!).  I've had this one in the past, and it is divine!

Mama Snob decided to try the strawberry shortcake cupcake.

Light and fruity and lovely - that big, fresh strawberry on top is the perfect finishing touch!  It's even tastier than the old strawberry cupcake from the old Boardwalk Bakery.  And the icing is so light it tastes more like mousse...

It's strawberry and vanilla swirl on top with a red sprinkly rim and more strawberry mousse on the inside.  Scrumptious!  But let's get to the main attraction...

The St. Patrick's Day cupcake was just as delicious as it was adorable!

I don't know how exactly the describe the shamrock - some sort of magical macaroon/cookie sandwich, with chocolate in the middle and on the bottom!

I also don't know the technical term for those "sprinkly bits" on the side, but they were super tasty and added the perfect crunch.  And just look at the gold dust!

A cross-section shot.  I sometimes don't like it when they hollow out the cupcake and turn it upside down to use as the top - you think you're going to get this cone of icing, and then it's cake instead.  But in this case there was plenty of icing for each bite of cake, so it worked out perfectly.  It was the same extra light, fluffy, mousse-like icing that the rest of the cupcakes have, and the cake was light and moist and yummy as well.  The mint went perfectly with the chocolate and wasn't too overwhelming. :)

What do you think of the new cupcake?  Do you have a favorite St. Patrick's Day treat from Disney?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. These pictures. AMAZING. Take me to Disney. NOW:)

    1. AHHhh, I know! Looking at pictures always makes me want to go back. :)