Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Smiling Dolphin: Where in WDW

Happy (belated) Windsday, my friends!  I am somewhat late with my trivia post this week, but I still thought I'd spread some pixie dust with a photo of this smiling fellow...

Have you ever seen a happier dolphin?  He's got his eyes closed for the jump, and he is just so cute.  Do you know where in Walt Disney World you can pay him a visit?  With the background of the pic as a hint, this one might not be too hard!

And if you're ever looking for a spare hot air balloon, like in last week's post, just look up in the rafters in the stand-by line at Kilimanjaro Safari in the Animal Kingdom!


  1. Hmmm... I don't think I've seen this fellow before! I'm going to take a wild guess- Caribbean Beach Resort?

    1. Good guess! It's actually near the pool at Old Key West!