Monday, February 10, 2014

Sorcerer Hat Cupcake

WELCOME to your Sweet Treat Monday.

Today our weekly tour of the tastiest Disney desserts takes us to Hollywood Studios...

Our destination is a well-known cupcake case at a certain Starring Rolls where I recently noticed a new cupcake face...

OOOOOOoooooohhHHHh - what's that one???

Really, how perfect is that Sorcerer's Hat for Hollywood Studios?  And there are Mickey sprinkles too!!  It's a blueberry cupcake with lemon cream cheese icing.

I have to say, Starring Rolls does a really good job with their cupcakes.  The standard offerings - the butterfinger, the peanut butter chocolate, and usually the red velvet - are all outstanding; then you'll also find really interesting seasonal choices like the strawberry cupcake, the Darth Vader cupcake for Star Wars Weekends, the gingerbread cupcake for Christmas.

Unfortunately they also use the seasonal cupcakes to jack up the prices - they're always a dollar more than the regular cupcakes.  And of course they jacked up the price of the regular cupcakes too - they used to be $3.99, and now they're all $4.19.  SIGH.

Alas, I did not actually try one of these admittedly adorable Sorcerer Hat cupcakes because (A) I don't like blueberry too much; (B) there was no chocolate involved; and (C) I just wasn't willing to pay the extra dollar. $5 is too much.

We were, however, willing to splurge $4 for a favorite butterfinger cupcake to split!

I should add that if you're going to swing by Starring Rolls MAKE SURE you go earlier in the day - they close earlier than other counter services, at 3pm.

Also I must admit that the service at Starring Rolls can be pretty dismal.  During this visit, the cast members behind the counter were surly and sulky and the woman at the register was downright rude.  She made a mistake ringing up our order (and of course acted annoyed instead of apologetic) so we had to wait for a manager to come from another location to fix it - and then HE kept ringing it up incorrectly.  In the end it was fixed, but it took 20 minutes and was extremely frustrating - and sadly pretty typical with our past experiences with Starring Rolls service.

ANYway, we did have a delicious cupcake...


And also a super delicious ham sandwich!  I'm thinking of revising my Top 5 Disney Sandwiches list to include this guy, because it is one lovely sandwich.  That mustard and that bread!  And the ham looks like a lot but is really really good!  I'm going to try to include some little savory bit in my Monday posts in the future...since I know not everyone's sweet tooth is as insatiable as mine. ;)

Will you be heading to Starring Rolls for a cupcake or a sandwich anytime soon?

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