Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Pixie-Dusted Links: 2/7/2014

Happy Happy Friday, everybody!  Here are five of my favorite pixie dusted finds from around the Interwebs this week...

1. Ever since I saw wedding photos by the Roots on trip reports on the DIS, I have loved following their blog for all the pretty pictures.  Once when I was working at the Boardwalk I spotted them on the job and totally geeked out. ;)  This week they've got some Push cuteness (#SAVEPUSH) and news that a Disney Roots blog is in the works -- can't wait to see!!

2.  Rachel over at Love and Sushi has me wanting to go buy some Disney bows from Etsy.  Have you guys seen these bows before?  There are SO many different kinds for every character you can think of!  I love the bows Rachel wore on her trip - that R2D2 one is too cute!

3. I am super excited for Estelle's Love Meter series over on This Happy Place this month!  Disney couples are the cutest.  This week's post featured Aladdin and Jasmine, who are just adorable.  I think they'll last. ;)

4. The Disney Food Blog recently posted about a new Remy restuarant that is coming to...quite appropriately...Disneyland Paris!  Apparently there's a new Ratatouille ride on its way as well.  How cute does that mouse car look??

5.  I am definitely a Disney detail fan, so I can't wait to see what World Showcase spots Mouse on the Mind will be highlighting.  I love the little bear from Canada - I don't think I've ever noticed him before!

Don't forget to catch up on this week's pixie dust from the blog - which, I'm excited to say, finally has its own domain name:!

-----TR Update: My What a Guy, THAT GASTON-----


  1. Awww, thanks for the mention, Emma! I consider it quite an honor to be featured here on your blog!

  2. BTW I love the Roots too! Ever since I saw them on Carrie and Patrick's TRs, I was hooked. I showed the pics to Howard, and he loves them as well! We would've liked to get married in Disney and have them shoot our wedding, but we couldn't have a destination wedding. Maybe in the future we'll use them for family photos or a vow renewal or something!


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