Friday, February 21, 2014

Five Friday Links: 2/21/2014

It's a rather mysterious, snowy, and foggy Friday outside my window - but I kinda like it.  I like winter.  The cold never bothered me anyway. ;)

If, however, you're looking for some bright and fun links to get you through to the weekend, not to worry.  There is Interwebs pixie dust on its way...

1. Driving a car in the ice and slush and shoveling out my driveway is difficult enough - but imagine riding a bicycle in bad weather!  Copenhagen Cycle Chic has lots of chilly photos of commuters in the Danish capital.  Because winter in Europe is just cooler than winter in the States.  Now I want to go visit Copenhagen in the snow.

2. There was a cute article on Buzzfeed this week with 33 Subtle Ways to Add Disney to Your Wedding.  Of course I'm not planning a wedding, but it's never too early to start taking notes, right?  There were so many neat ideas - I need those princess TOMS.

3. Did you guys see the deleted scene from Frozen that Disney Animation shared on youtube the other day?  It's called "The Dressing Room," and it's so adorable.  I wish Elsa and Anna had interacted more like that in the movie - I felt like Elsa's character wasn't developed as well as it could have been since she shut herself away.

4.My brother Athos (the one who's crazy about dinosaurs) has a blog about theropods, tyrannosaurs, and other prehistoric creatures that I think I've mentioned before.  He wrote a post about the Dahalokely Tokana - the wildest dino in the wilderness - which made me laugh and taught me some fancy dinosaur facts.  Athos also knows how to have fun with photoshop. ;)

5. I did a massive Animal Kingdom Lodge update on my trip report earlier this week!  It has me missing the Kilimanjaro Club SO much.  Now I want some jungle juice and those lovely basket chairs by Ogun's Firepit...

And for even more pixie dust, you know where to look! :)

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