Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Grand Paintings at the New Grand Floridian Villas

Whenever they add something new at Walt Disney World these days, it's always difficult to tell beforehand how you'll feel about it.  From all I had heard about the Grand Floridian Villas online, the new DVC property sounded pretty stunning...

And having seen it in person, I have to agree!  So many gorgeous little details...

...like the Mary Poppins umbrella above the elevators...

...the cute little children's seating area in the lobby...

...and the coral Mickey's hidden in the carpet!

I fell in love with the atrium - the penguin fountain and the INCREDIBLE chandeliers soaring up.

It seems like a small space, but the chandeliers make it soar - they just keep going and going and going!

Don't you just want to give him a big hug??

Even the housekeeping carts are covered in fabric and look entirely elegant!

I'm planning a full post and review of the space coming soon, but for today we're going to step down the elegant hallways to have a look at some of the wall art...

Disney imagineers generally do a good job with the art at the resorts, and I loved the pieces they included in the new villas.  Like the Victorian sketch above: "You meet the nicecest people..." it says.

That bird looks familiar...isn't there a similar painting like it somewhere in the main lobby at the Grand?

Down in the lobby there were some sweet garden scenes on certain panels.  But my favorite paintings were the Disney ones in the hallways...

There were all sorts of different watercolors depicting different scenes around the Grand Floridian Resort!

You know I loved the one with the hammocks!

Sadly I do not know the artist's name, but these scenes were so delicate and lovely!


Even the wedding pavilion was included, and I love the Grand at night!

Monorail, Grand, Castle.  That one had to be my favorite!


  1. Nice post, it compliments some of the other articles I have seen on the new GF DVC, as the focus on the wall art in particular is a nifty focus, the image of the Beach at the Grand Floridian with the Chaise lounges with the sun shades on them (is there a more concise way of saying that? like a name for that particular variation on a chose lounge?) anyhow, that art looks like it was inspired by a photograph that was actually on a GF postcard, some of the other art of actual things that really are at the Grand Floridian would similarly seem to be inspired by other pieces of stock Disney photos Disney has relied on tin the past, but I think that is a really neat thing. I mean it is not like they went the cheapest route and just did prints of the photos, they took the time to have them interpreted in a style as paintings that makes them really fit right in, but at the same time and long-time disney fans who remember those shots will get that warm sense of recognition you get when you see a familiar old photo, very cool!

  2. Thanks for this article. I never would have noticed the paintings but now I will make sure to appreciate them!

  3. Hi there !

    Most of the hallway paintings (at least the ones with a signature) were done by George Scribner, sometimes you can find his work in the Disney Gallery (he was also worked as an artist on a few Disney animated features). I don't believe any of them are watercolors, I think they are all oil. The pictures of the wedding pavilion and nighttime are just photo manipulations, I remember them being weirdly out-of-place when I stayed there lol. Hope this was helpful!