Monday, January 27, 2014

Fountain View Epcot Cupcakes

It's Monday.  You all know what that means...

It's time to talk about some sweet treats...preferably some Disney cupcakes!

Our never-ending cupcake quest takes us to Epcot this place...


OH STARBUCKS.  I do love you in the real world, but I'm still not sure how I feel about you at DISNEY world.  At least you have Mickey cupcakes.

Yes, the old Fountain View Cafe is now a Fountain View Starbucks.

The decor is swirly and shiny and futuristic and fancy.  The set-up and queue concept for the new Fountain View is essentially identical to the new Main Street Bakery.  No seating.  Two big long lines with the treat counter in the middle, the counters to pay and order your drinks stretching off in either direction...

Theoretically the two-line system should keep the wait time short...

...except for when they only have one side open.  One of those D'OH DISNEY moments.

I was willing to wait to try one of these new cupcakes!


Which to choose??  The Mickey cupcake, although it does have adorable oreo ears, is just a plain chocolate cupcake with white icing.  I decided teh cappuccino chocolate cupcake sounded more exciting.  Although I was saddened to see the prince of both had gone up to $4.19.  Disney cupcakes everywhere on property have now gone up in price - they used to (mostly) be $3.99.  I know it's not a big jump, but somehow that 20 cents feels like a lot.

Cupcake and free water (in a cute Disney starbucks cup!) in hand, I headed out to find...somewhere? nash my cupcake.

There are some spots you can stand at right outside the door.  But I miss the proper tables and chairs.  I really don't get why Disney thinks people don't like to sit comfortably and eat their snacks in peace anymore...

At least the view of the fountain is still lovely!

It was fun to see the Christmas decor too - their wreath was filled with cake pops and mini coffee cups!

It's cupcake time!

Disney cupcakes never travel too well, but this one was delicious!

I loved the swirly icing and the little chocolate coffee beans.  It was light and creamy, and there was also a delish cappuccino filling... 

There is PLENTY of icing in this cupcake!  The chocolate cake was good too.

Do you think you'll be swinging by the Fountain View for a cupcake or coffee concoction on your next trip?

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  1. That looks absolutely delicious! I love chocolate cupcakes, but mocha or cappuccino in anything makes me want it even more! I admit I've never actually stepped foot into the Fountain View before. I'm only ever there to get some samples from Club Cool!