Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday Where in WDW: Froggy Border

I'm going to try to use as few words as possible in this Wednesday's Where in WDW post, because it is also a Wordless Wednesday post!

Do the swirls in that scroll work look a little like...I don't you?  If you need a hint, just think how it might fit into this week's Wordless Wednesday theme: character encounters.

Props to KJ and Scott on twitter for guessing last week's trivia photo.  That festive wall of candy can be found at Seashore Sweets on the Boardwalk!

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  1. Is this at Port Orleans Riverside? I was just there last month and our room was themed after the Princess and the frog. I don't remember noticing this on the Gazebo, but it would make sense if that's where it was.

  2. Cute detail, and likely Princess Tiana related... but I have no idea where it is!?

  3. I think that is the gazebo where Tiana & Naveen greet. Is it technically in Liberty Square?

  4. The quiet area "behind" Liberty square, by the "parade bypass" pedestrian bridge, this is where princess Tianna, and Prince Naveen greet guests.