Monday, December 9, 2013

Panera Cupcakes

This Monday we're going to look at a real world cupcake instead of Disney World cupcake.  But don't worry, it's just as delicious...

And isn't it really pretty too??  This decadent chocolate cupcake can be found at Panera.  It is SO RICH.


Whenever I go to Panera I love to get the refillable-coffee-in-a-real-mug, that's why there's a mug in the background in all the photos! ;)  This lovely chocolaty confection has a ton of icing - on top and then filling as well - and the chocolate shavings are so tasty.  But it is definitely a sugar rush!

I believe the cupcakes are about $2.50, and they are quite large and tasty, so I'd say they're worth it.  That one on the left is a vanilla cupcake...

I almost liked it as much as the chocolate cupcake - which, considering how much I love chocolate, is saying something!  And it had such a sweet little leaf on it for fall.  I wonder if they'll replace it with a Santa or something for winter?  I've also heard tell of a red velvet cupcake, but I haven't spotted that one at my local Panera yet!

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