Friday, December 20, 2013

Five Christmas Friday Finds

Happy Friday!  We are only FIVE days from Christmas, guys!

1. I was so excited to do some holiday reminiscing about my time working at the Boardwalk for Mouse on the Mind.  Melissa has such a fun Magical Memories series going on - go check it out!!

2. This family went all out to make an amazing Christmas card / video, complete with a rotating room and lots of cats!  So sweet - love it!

3. So the Once Upon a Time winter finale was this past week, and I cannot wait to see what happens to all the fairytale characters once they return.  I also have to admit that I fall for Captain Hook a little more each episode.  And I recently discovered that, added to his other perfections, the actor is Irish.  I think I'm in love.  lol.

4. How cute is this Happy Holidays wallpaper that the Disney Parks Blog just put up?  Looks like Mickey and Goofy are having some trouble with the tree!

5. I will always love working with photos and words by blogging, but I have to admit that vlogging is a lot simpler.  You just shoot the video, hit upload, and you're set!  Have you caught my latest Disney vlogs?  There was much character hilarity at Storybook Circus with Laura, and there is a also a tour of the new Fairytale Hall with lots of princesses!  Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of the new vlogs that are on their way. :)

For even more pixie dust...

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