Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Disney Decorations Holiday Hop: Crescent Lake

I have some more holiday pixie dust for you all today!  Yesterday it was Christmas cupcakes, and today it's going to be delightful decorations and gorgeous gingerbread.

A few weeks ago I did a Holiday Hop Disney decoration tour for the Magic Kingdom resorts around the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake.  But the monorail resorts aren't the only ones with incredibly festive displays!  There are also all the deluxe resorts around Crescent Lake by Epcot: the Boardwalk, the Beach Club, the Yacht Club...even the Swan and Dolphin have some lovely Christmas decorations.  And today we're going to check them out!

It is easy to get to these resorts from Epcot - there's a friendship service connecting them, and they're a short walk from the International Gateway entrance - and there's a walkway and the friendships from Hollywood Studios as well.  I would highly recommend taking an evening or afternoon after a busy park morning to just stroll around Crescent Lake and take in some Christmas spirit...

1. Let's start out at the Beach Club!  The big gingerbread carousel in the lobby is a perennial favorite, and every year the five horses are different...

This year's feature horse was a pirate horse!  His name is Captain, and he has an EYE PATCH, a sword, dreadlocks like Captain Jack Sparrow, and his armor/coat even looks like the side of a ship!

The 2013 horses are Snofia (like Sofia the First, but with more snowflakes!), Pixie, Jingle, and Holiday (look at the castle in his saddle!).  You can check out the horses from older years in my previous posts.

There's so much to see at this carousel - keep a look out for the little chocolate characters beneath the horses and also for the many golden hidden mickeys (I think Pluto has one on his towel!)
King Triton's Castle in white chocolate!  Gorgeous!

There's more than gingerbread to see, however!  There are beautiful trees packed with sea-inspired decorations...

So many cute fishies!  For a really unique view, head up to the second floor and look out over the garlands and wreaths...

Lovely!  And if you're in the Beach Club in the evening, you might catch a choir singing...
2. Follow the walkway from the Beach Club to its sister resort, the Yacht Club for some more holiday magic...

There is a huge tree in the middle of the lobby and several smaller ones scattered about, and they're all covered in sailing ships of every description.


I love how these aren't even little ship ornaments - these are full size ship models!

Every wreath or garland seems to have one - this one looks like a pirate ship!

The grand staircase at the Yacht makes this a very elegant place to be at the holidays!

The main attraction at the Yacht Club is the impressive train layout!

One side has a whole Disney village (do you see the little Mickey snowmen down be the train?)...

Looks like Lighting McQueen and Mater are getting a tune up from some Santa mechanics!

And I especially loved Minnie's Bakery...so sweet.


The other side of the layout is filled with a Victoria village.  Many of the houses and buildings have signs for familiar Yacht and Beach Club restaurants and shops!

3. The Boardwalk Resort will always hold a special place in my heart, especially at the holidays.

They have had a variety of gingerbread creations here - one year it was a Chef Stitch scene, and this year it's an adorable Sweet Treat Stand, just like on the real boardwalk!

Note the peppermint fence and the garlands and wreaths made of green salt water taffy!
And I love the Cotton Candy up on top!
You can buy some gingerbread snacks from the Sweet Treat Stand of course.  I wonder if they sell Mickey cookies like the ones making the border on top?
The rest of the Boardwalk lobby decorations are like something out of a Christmas card...garlands bursting with ornaments and snowy evergreen, big peppermint ribbons...
A cozy chair beneath the chandeliers and Christmas lights sounds just about perfect to me!
There was even a fire going in the fireplace the evening I was there!  Of course I had to say hello to Lucy the elephant.  I spotted a mini elephant ornament in one of the trees as well...

Love it!

Don't forget to take a wander around the rest of the Boardwalk to check out the rest of the décor.  Out on the lawn there's a big Christmas tree, and I saw a handbell choir setting up there for an evening performance.  There often seems to be 'holiday magic' going on in the evening at the resorts!

4. I must admit, I'm somewhat of a Disney Snob when it comes to the Swan and Dolphin - I prefer the main Disney World resorts - but if you do feel like making the trek over, you will find some pretty neat decorations...

The Dolphin's large lobby is dwarfed by this HUGE white poinsettia tree.  When I visited they were using it as a backdrop to film SportsCenter, kinda neat!

Over at the Swan there's a chocolate display with Santa sitting by the fireplace.

There didn't seem to be a huge tree at the Swan, but I did like that the swans in the swan fountain all had holiday bows on!

The real reason to come to the Swan and Dolphin at the holidays is outside rather than inside - they have a very neat palm tree light show that goes on every night, set to Christmas music.

I already love palm trees, so add in bright colors and holiday tunes, and I was very impressed!  Check out the video:

Will you be doing a Crescent Lake holiday hop they next time you're at Disney World at Christmas time?  Which is your favorite resort décor?

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