Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wilderness Lodge Room Review and Magic Kingdom View

For today's post, you are invited to step inside the Wilderness Lodge Resort...

On this chilly November night, that eruption of colorful flowers looks so sunny and inviting!  Our topic, however, is not the outside but the inside of the Lodge - let's take a look at the lovely rooms here, shall we?

You know you're in for a relaxing time when you're heading down a Disney hallway to your pretty room!  I love the buffalo lamps, and then of course there's the carpet...

Love the Mickey in the Native American design.  And check out the pine needles and leaves beneath that - it's like you're trekking through the forest!

Interesting factoid: for awhile the Wilderness Lodge only had three diamonds, not four as most of the other deluxe resorts have.  Some of the rooms at the Wilderness are smaller than rooms at other deluxe resorts - only by a few feet, but maybe that made the difference?  It did regain its fourth diamond just this year. :)


Wilderness Lodge rooms follow the standard Disney deluxe room layout: you enter, and there's a dresser niche and the closet to one side, and the sink area and bathroom to the other.  I do have to say, that the faucets here are not quite as rustic and wilderness-y as they are at the Treehouse Villas, but they are still nice. ;)

This is what happens when you try to take room photos when travelling with four brothers.  Your photos are filled with feet...

...and legoes!  But seriously, how cute are these chairs and table? And it's great they have the outlets so handy.  Also take a close corner at the right-hand corner of the mirror, there's a pine cone!

A Disney Resort room is never quite complete without a Mickey towel. ;)

The Wilderness Lodge bedspread / coverlet / quilt is so sweet.  It's got that Western charm, and it has a pretty well hidden Mickey head - can you spot it?

Many resort rooms at WDW have signature paintings and while the WL rooms do have some framed art on the walls, it's the headboard that is the real work of art!  Each headboard features a beautiful carved woodland scene - and just check out the animals topping the bed posts!

While we're on the subject of details, let's take a look at the rustic branch drawer pulls on the dresser...

...and of course we can't forget the light fixtures!  This one is over the mirror.

This might be in the hallway, but it's got the same style - and I like how the metal-cut-out bear seems to be gazing out over the mountains, probably musing on life.

And we can't forget the Disney Character pegs!  So there's a coat hook for the Donald, Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto's of your family.  I love Minnie with her foot pop. :)

More details: have you ever seen a more Wilderness-looking light switch?? There are also leaves everywhere, from the walls to the curtains!  And since we're at the window, shall we step out and see the balcony?

Your balcony and view will vary widely depending on where your room is.  The rooms overlooking the main inside courtyard and pool can be fun, but the view we're going to talk about is the SECRET WILDERNESS LODGE MAGIC KINGDOM VIEW.

OK...fine, so maybe it's not all that secret, but I think it's pretty fun nonetheless.  From some of the upper-floor rooms on the Northwest side of the Northern wing of the resort, you can look out over the treetops and spot the Seven Seas Lagoon and the Magic Kingdom Castle!

(resort map from

Even-numbered rooms with the last two digits in the 50's on the seventh (club) floor and possibly sixth or fifth floors are your best bet (so that's in the first little Northern wing of 35-66 rooms).  I've read that you can also catch a glimpse of the castle / fireworks / monorail / Contemporary from the third-floor-and-above woods view rooms overlooking the otter pond, (which I believe would be even numbers ending in 00-35).  The photos in this update were taken from the standard room 7052 on the 7th floor, which is the Old Faithful Club floor.  I think I'll have to save the Wilderness Lodge's club level for another post though.  Just thinking of their berry cobbler is making me hungry...

One last thing before I stop being absurdly technical. ;)  If, like me, you like obscure Disney facts and places and are curious about the view but are staying in a different part of the resort, just know there is a little hallway area connecting the two Northern wings with some windows where you can catch a glimpse of it between the blinds!

The rooms I'm talking about are actually not considered all that desirable...the biggest catch about the MK-side at the Wilderness Lodge is that when you look down, you see this:  

Above the trees is a theme park view, but below them it's a back service alley.  LOL.  I wasn't bothered by the trucks, and it wasn't too noisy, but it's good to know.  And look at that little house: it had a sign saying 'Blazing Oaks Smokehouse.'  I guess they smoke meats for the restaurants there?  Maybe?


Admittedly the castle is pretty small (see it in that first pic?), but I really enjoyed this view.  When we looked closely, my brothers and I found we could spot all sorts of Magic Kingdom landmarks through the branches - Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, even the Beast's Castle in New Fantasyland!

There's the Contemporary and Bay Lake Tower rising majestically in the distance, and - possibly my favorite part about the view - monorails are constantly gliding by beyond the trees!

There goes monorail blue, zipping towards the TTC!

Entering (or leaving?) the Contemporary!

A little 12x zoom action to get a better shot of the castle!  And with a castle view, of course, comes...

A WISHES VIEW!  I seem to be on an unusual MK fireworks viewing kick lately.  Last week it was behind the Contemporary, and this week it's from a room at the Wilderness Lodge!  When we stayed in this room it was holiday time, so it was the fireworks from Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party that we were watching!

So there was lots of red and green pixie dust filling the sky that night!

And it ended with Cinderella Castle lit with twinkle lights.  I don't care how far away I am: a frosted castle view is the best. :)

Have you stayed at the Wilderness Lodge lately or will you be staying there anytime soon?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Additional thoughts (forgot to mention this in previous post submission): is that while Wilderness does have a great view of the Magic Kingdom, it is surprisingly hard to get to from there! You either have to take a boat (which weather and line dependent can be tough), or take a bus which is shared with the Fort Wilderness campgrounds and is always packed, plus taking a solid 45 minutes. There is no monorail access, and generally speaking for the rate of a Deluxe resort I do expect to be able to get from hotel to park in 20 or under.

    All this said, I'm not knocking Wilderness as so many people we talked to WERE raving about how much they loved it - it won't be a return stay for me, but I'm glad to have done it once. I think if we do Deluxe stays again we will probably return to the Contemporary, or stick Riverside after the great experience we had there last time.

    1. You're right - since the Wilderness Lodge doesn't have the monorail, it can take longer to get to the Magic Kingdom, although it is a nice boat ride across Bay Lake. :) The Contemporary is a fabulous resort too, as is Riverside!

  2. so this room is 7052? We have reservations for a wood view and really want my 6 year old to be able to see the fireworks from the room for his birthday. trying to put in a request.

    1. These photos were taken from 7052. That is a club level room with a standard view. And as I mentioned in the post, it's not exactly a close-up, amazing view, but I thought it was a pretty fun extra pinch of pixie dust. :)

  3. I've never stayed at the WL. We ate dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe in 1999 and that's the closest we've gotten!