Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Seventy-Fifth Where in WDW: Wacky Names

I just realized that today will be my SEVENTY FIFTH (75!) Where in WDW trivia post/photo.  So if you find today's pic too easy or too hard, you can always look through some of the older challenges to test your Disney knowledge!  And don't forget the park scavenger hunts and the eBook. ;)

This week's challenge involves a list of rather funny names: "Little Big Gibson," "Skittish Skip," "Wild Wolf Joerger," "Matchstick Marc," and "Mama Hutchinson."  I'm guessing they must be codenames for Imagineers who worked on this particular project, but do you know where in WDW to find them??

I'm also trying to figure out what the sign at the top says...I wish I hadn't cut the beginning of it off.  Are those names the people "Using [the] Cage" or is it a Fusing Cage or something else entirely??

ANYway, Rachel got last week's trivia (you're on a roll, girl!) - Bloat the Pufferfish can be found at Epcot, in the photo op area near the Seas with Nemo and Friends.

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  1. Wow! at first I thought that this looks like something from the Jungle Cruise, but upon further looking i'm thinking these names scream out "Frontierland" especially the "buckaroo" and "calamity" names. I have not been to BTMRR since they renovated the queue, and I take some solace in knowing that perhaps the reason I don't recall this detail is that it might be new, anyhow even its it is old BTMRR is my guess.