Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Main Street Memories

You know when you're looking through old photos, and one particular shot suddenly takes you back in time, not only to the sights but to the sounds and the atmosphere and the excitement of a particular moment?

Well it happened to me the other day (unsurprisingly) with a Magic Kingdom photo:

It was taken on a Magic Kingdom evening two years ago, but it was no ordinary evening.  It was the very first time I ever used my cast member ID to get into a park.  All the interviews and paperwork and Traditions and training were at last completed, I had just gotten my official blue card earlier that day, and I was so, SO excited.

Never was there a lovelier walk down Main Street.  I didn't have any reservations to rush to or rides to squeeze in - I was going to be living and working at WDW, and it felt like I had all the time in the world. :)  I very slowly meandered down Main Street, soaking it all in.

It was that absolutely perfect time of day when the sky is still luminous with the sunset's last light.  The horizon behind the castle was the most vivid royal blue, as if it had been painted that way; and Main Street and the castle were shining in the gloaming, all glowing in yellow and orange from the autumnal decorations that had just been put up.

I know it's November, and at this very minute many of the Christmas decorations at the Magic Kingdom are already out, but can we just take a minute, while it still technically is fall, to appreciate how pretty Main Street looks in orange?

Maybe it was the complimentary colors of blue and orange that did it, but there was something extra-specially gorgeous about the park that night.  Or maybe it was because my whole experience as a cast member and all that time I would get to spend at Disney World was shining before me just like the castle. ;)

It was that feeling you get at the very start of a vacation, when you have all the fun in front of you, only it was the start of a Disney dream of mine.  I didn't know how long I would be a cast member, and I didn't know where the experience would take me, but it reminded me of that Walt Disney quote:

I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing, that it was all started by a mouse

While I really enjoyed my time working at Disney and learned so much, in the end I decided to leave to pursue more creative endeavors; a cast member career wasn't the path for me.  But I believe the quote and the excitement I felt that night still hold true.

You never know what very small thing you do may someday turn into a very big thing.  Even if what you're doing at the moment seems tiny and unimportant, if you put your best effort into it, it could lead you unexpectedly to where you want to go.  You never know when you're going to create the "mouse" that will set all the wheels in motion. :)

I don't always do the best job of keeping that in mind, but those old photos were just the reminder I needed!


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  1. Jealous of your time as a cast member! I'm sure that was an amazing experience. I think people get so wrapped up in rushing to the attractions or trying to meet characters that they forget to take in all of the little things. That's why I love the Halloween and Christmas parties so much! We can just relax and enjoy all of the awesome little things the park has to offer:)