Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Disneyland Holiday Decorations

Disney Christmas pixie dust is so magical - and while the pixie dust around here is usually from Walt Disney World, there are some pretty gorgeous decorations on the other coast as well!  I found some of my old photos from a visit to Disneyland a few years ago and thought it'd be fun to take a look at how the California parks do up the holidays!

Sleeping Beauty's castle has not only the twinkle lights but also SNOW and icicles and evergreen swags and wreaths filled with baubles.

My heart will always belong to the Magic Kingdom castle...but secretly I wouldn't mind if they'd dress it up just a little bit more for the holidays, like the pink castle at Disneyland!  Just look at those long swirly icicles!

And I really love all the baubles and the dusting of snow.  I think (correct me if I'm wrong) those wires behind the castle are for the Disneyland version of Tinkerbell during the Disneyland version of Wishes.  Not that...you know...Tinkerbell would need any wires to help with her flying... ;)

The Sleeping Beauty castle looks pretty lovely at night as well!  It's 'sparkling with joy.'

Or at least that was the holiday slogan back in 2008. ;)  But the castle isn't the only thing that sparkles after dark...

Disneyland's it's a small world is just spectacular at Christmastime!

The ride gets a festive overlay and transforms into 'it's a small world' holiday!

The exterior is pretty cool with all the decorations (and these days they do an incredible light show on it!), but each of the international rooms are completely decked out as well...

Care for a quick jaunt on the MERRIEST cruise that ever sailed?

London's got a lovely tree, and I see the Mouse King, but it's NOT Mickey!

Melike liki maka!  I love the reindeer tiki masks in the Hawaiin holiday scene.

Also, the Disneyland small world has MERMAIDS.  Jealous.

A few scenes from the final room...look at that snowflake tree!

So fun!  I'm guessing the holiday ride overlays are successful, considering they've transformed the Jungle Cruise into the Jingle Cruise this year!  I wonder if they would ever give us a small world holiday for Disney World?

Here's another decoration detail right outside of small world - there were international wreaths for different countries, very neat.  I love it when they theme the decorations for the different rides and lands...


To the left are some old Western swags in Frontierland (near the Rancho Del Zocalo, I believe) and to the right it looks like the happy haunts at the Haunted Mansion are preparing for a happy holidays!

...and above is some festive style in the New Orleans Square!

There's a pretty glamorous snow display on top of the front gates too!

Disneyland's Town Square is rather a different experience from the Magic Kingdom's - you walk down Main Street and wonder, 'Where's the castle?'
OF COURSE it's still a very nice castle...it just doesn't quite catch your eye the way Cinderella Castle does. ;)  But there is still a magnificent Christmas tree in Town Square...
It's absolutely chock full of ornaments!

Have YOU ever been to Disneyland at the holidays??  How do you think the decorations hold up to Walt Disney World's?  Share your thoughts in the comments. :)


  1. Super pretty at night. but I have to say..WDW puts it to shame!

  2. Thank you for the article. I really enjoyed it. Your site is always so helpful.

  3. Wow we're thinking of a Disneyland visit next year and were going to go for MNSSHP but now I want to go later on for Xmas instead!