Friday, November 8, 2013

Disney Side, Lego Princesses, & More: Friday Finds 11/7/2013

 It's FRIDAY!  Hooray!  Here are a few fantabulous Disney finds from around the interwebs to start your weekend off right:

1. The new #DisneySide promotion has kicked off in earnest, and I think it's super fun!  The DisneyParks youtube channel just put up a whole bunch of fun #DisneySide videos, and I loved this rendition of When You Wish Upon a Star by Mike Tompkins.

2. Guys.  So I was intrigued by this Disneyland Paris After Dark photo on the Official Disney Parks blog, and it got me curious about DLP's fireworks show, Disney Dreams.  I found it on youtube, and it is INCREDIBLE.  It starts with Tinkerbell, lights and images on the castle, fireworks, lights and images on the dancing streams of water, WENDY SPEAKING FRENCH, Peter Pan's shadow escaping (but it's not evil like in Once Upon a Time), and you can even see the Glow with the Show Ears in action (they look awesome!).  Basically I need to get back to Paris and see this show in person like RIGHT NOW.

3. I have to admit, I'm really a fan of the adorable new LEGO Friends series for girls.  I've vlogged about some of the cute sets, but I just saw this post on The Brick Fan about a new DISNEY Princess Lego Friends set that is coming in 2014!!  It's called "Merida's Highland Games," and it comes with a little Merida figure, wisps, AND her three brothers as bears.  TOO CUTE.

4. We've seen the new Disney Vera Bradley collection that came out earlier this fall, but did you know they have some special canvas Disney Cruise Line bags as well?  The DIS blog has all the details.  There are rumblings of a possible cruise for my family in January (I KNOW RIGHT), and these are pretty tempting!

5. One Direction came out with a new music video this week for the song Story of My Life.  I wouldn't necessarily give it a link just for the song (though I do love the song!), but the video itself is so interesting and sweet and well done!  They feature photos of the One Direction guys with their families when they were kids, then they recreate the poses in the present, and the 1D guys sort of step into the photos, singing and remembering, while the rest of the shot stays still - but then just as you're starting to think that it's a little creepy for their family members to be frozen in time, at the end they show a few shots of them all laughing and talking together.  So often you see a cool concept that just doesn't quite work in the end, but I think this one pretty much hit it out of the park!

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  1. I love the new Disney Side promotion. So fun! and I'm sure a lot of us can relate;)

  2. Can't wait for the new Disney Princess Lego sets to come out next year! Blogged about them today! :) Personal favorite: Cinderella's castle!