Monday, October 21, 2013

Wilderness Lodge Brownie

Happy Monday everybody!  To sweeten up the start of your week, I have a super delicious Disney brownie to share today.  It is quite possibly my very favorite out of all the Disney brownies, and it comes from...

The Wilderness Lodge!!  Or, to be more specific...

...the Lodge's lovely food court, Roaring Fork!

From this pic it looks like there's a brownie with frosting and one without.  I have a suspicion the one without was sugar-free, but, in any case, ALWAYS GO WITH THE FROSTING.

YUUUUuuuuuummmm...just look at that wonderful slab of fudgy, chocolaty icing on top of each enormous brownie.  The brownie itself is the perfect consistency, with a few chocolate chips inside, and then that icing takes it to perfection.  And the fact that they are enormous somehow makes them more exciting to eat too - probably you'll have some to save for later!

Alas, my one close-up photo of the brownie was blurry, so I made tried to make it artsy.  Ah well - I guess I'll just have to head back to Roaring Fork sometime and have another brownie to get a better photo. ;)

Bonus Sweet Treat: As I was going through photos for this update, I remembered that Roaring Fork sometimes does free cookie decorating!  They give out round sugar cookies with white icing and sprinkles - not quite as fancy as the animals and neon colors at Boma - but still very fun!

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