Monday, October 14, 2013

Cannoli Cupcake from Fresh Market

Today's Sweet Treat Monday post is, unsurprisingly, about a cupcake.

Surprisingly, said cupcake does NOT come from Walt Disney World.

Because you can actually find amazing cupcakes outside of Disney.  I know.  Shocking.

One of my favorite non-Disney cupcake spots is Fresh Market, and I recently discovered a beauty in their bakery case:

This, my friends, is a cannoli cupcake.  It tastes like a cannoli AND it has a mini cannoli on top of it.  So it's like TWO desserts all in one.

Sometimes, at Fresh Market, you'll find the cannoli cupcakes without cannolis on top.  When I asked, they were happy to cut up a mini cannoli and add it on top, at no extra charge

Cupcakes at Fresh Market are $2.99 a piece, but they are HUGE, and they are delicious, so I'd say it's money well spent.  And it's a dollar cheaper than a Disney cupcake.

Of course I had to instagram it.


It was SO pretty I almost didn't want to bite into it...but of course I did!  The cake was vanilla but with a really tasty, subtle tang - maybe lemon?  It's the same batter they use in their full-sized cannoli cake, which is also delish.  The icing was light and creamy - definitely reminiscent of cannoli cream.

AND there was icing on the inside, so there was PLENTY of icing to go along with each bite.  An entirely delicious dessert in this cupcake snob's opinion!

I showed Mama Snob these pics the next day, and since I work right down the street from Fresh Market (which, by the way, is kinda dangerous) she asked if I might like to pick up some cupcakes for the whole family...

So of course I did - Fresh Market even had a box just for multiple cupcakes.  Awesome.

Have you ever sampled a Fresh Market cupcake??  Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I have not tried them yet, but now they are certainly on my list!
    Looks yummy

    1. If you're a cupcake fan, you should definitely check out Fresh Market. So delish!

  2. Emma, have you ever tried a cupcake from Crumbs Bake Shop? They're SOOOO yummy. They have a cannoli cupcake like this one and it's really good. They had an amazing s'mores one for a while with marshmallow filling in the middle. If you come across one (it's a chain of bakeries), try one! They're on the big side and totally worth the calories. I actually kind of like them better once I've left them in my fridge for a few hours. I dunno, I think it just makes the icing taste even more delicious!

    1. I've only been to a Crumbs once or twice, but you're SO RIGHT. They're delicious! I wish I lived closer to them, because it's always hard to decide on just one flavor. Will have to check out the cannoli one next time. :)

  3. Where exactly is Fresh Market? Is it close to WDW or a long ride?

    1. This one actually is not a Disney cupcake. Fresh Market is a grocery store chain, they're all over the country. :)