Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Lovely Day in St. Malo

 If you ever should find yourself in the old town of St. Malo, the Intra Muros, in France on a crisp blue sky day, this is what you should do:


Take a promenade in the sunshine with the locals along the old fortified walls.

Do a vlog about how gorgeously beautiful that blue sea is.


Stop by a patisserie.

Eat an adorable chocolate mouse.

Sit in a park and watch the kids playing and reflect on all the layers of history in Europe and the history of St. Malo.


Visit the museum in the Hotel de Ville, the giant castle-like building guarding the entrance to the Intra Muros, with the gorgeous palm trees out front.

Read every informational plaque you come across, because you never know what funny stories you'll find.  Like this one about the Duke who inscribed upon his tower: "He who grumbles about it shall give me pleasure."


Gaze on model ships and Breton lace and find a kindred soul in Anne of Brittany (clearly a fellow snob) who once visited St. Malo in the sixteenth century and wore an awesome princess hat.

Reference various Epcot movies every chance you get.

Find a sign inviting you to "climb up to the watch-towers."  Since basically every other sign you will find in any other museum in the world will be forbidding you to explore the cool rooftop spaces, you'd better go up and see the watch-towers.

Admire the view.

Once you're back in the town, find some pretty gardens.


Explore the hidden corners and narrow streets and take an epic photo with a swooping seagull in it.  (Seriously.  Isn't that kinda epic??)

 Buy a cute kitchen towel with some cute Breton drawings on it.

Find some funny graffiti.

Since that patisserie stop was getting to be awhile ago, stop at Chez Hector for an AMAZING freshly made waffle with nutella.  (Don't worry, Chez Hector is getting its very own post VERY soon).

Go explore an island fort.

Don't go to the island fort at high tide though, as this convenient sign warns you in three different languages.

Scramble around on the rocks.

Make sure your brother, who loves to climb dangerous-looking rocks, doesn't fall.

Pause to take in the skyline of St. Malo.

Of course if you ever find yourself in St. Malo, you don't have to do exactly these things.  But it's what we did when we were there, and we had an awful lot of fun. ;)

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  1. Doubt I'll be in France anytime soon, but these are SUCH gorgeous photos!