Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Giant Globe: Where in WDW

If you need to do any circumnavigating of the world, there's a perfect spot at Walt Disney World to plan your travels:

Somewhere you'll find this GIANT globe...although...on second thoughts, it might not be the best for planning any current globe trotting, because it looks a little old fashioned.  ;)  But then it suits its surroundings perfectly!  Have you ever passed this by or stopped to give it a spin?

And as for last week's trivia, Laurie was reeeally close.  Those painted vines and flowers aren't at 1900 Park Faire, but you WILL find them at the Grand Floridian - they're the paintings on the walls in the Grand Floridian elevators!


  1. I think that's in the lobby of the Yacht Club.

  2. it is in my next vacation destination!! The Yacht Club!!