Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Dream of Vera...Disney Style!

The new Disney Vera Bradley collection debuted at Downtown Disney recently, and already I'm planning which pattern and style I'm going to pick up the next time I'm down at Disney World - they're so cute!

While I absolutely LOVE that Mickey and Minnie are in the new designs, I was thinking...Vera Bradley patterns in general are ideally suited to go with a Disney vacation wardrobe.  I have loved VB bags for years, and I've taken many of them to WDW.  They're so cheerful and colorful, and just browsing the Vera Bradley website makes me start dreaming of where I would take different ones.

 Like, for instance...

When I visit the Animal Kingdom, I always want to dress for the jungle with some animal print -- but I still want to use my wardrobe and accessories in real life too, so I don't want to go too over the top.  Vera Bradley's Go Wild pattern fits the bill perfectly!  It's got the fun leopard spots, and I love how they're layered together with the more feminine details - the flowers and leaves.  I'm also a big fan of the Frannie bag for the parks - it's small and easy to carry around, but still has enough room for phone, camera, wallet, and trading pins!

The only bad thing about the Frannie is that you would have to take it through the bag check line when you enter the park.  So for a lighter park day when I wanted to skip the line, I'd go with a fabulous wallet like the Kiss n Snap.  Especially in the Sun Valley print, I feel like it's got a great vintage, edgy vibe that would fit right in at Hollywood Studios!

If I was headed to Epcot for an evening on the town - or rather, around the world! - I would go with this dream of a little purse.  The Mini Frame Crossbody Bag is so sweet, and the Canterberry Cobalt is definitely sophisticated enough for an international adventure.  But it's fun too with the bursts of bright blue - they mirror the bright lights of Future World and Illuminations against the night sky!  This bag is so on my Christmas list!

This isn't for a Disney World park, but just looking at the Marina Paisley pattern is enough to make me want to go on a Disney cruise!!  Can't you just see the Get Carried Away tote packed with beach towels for a day on the beach at Castaway Cay??

OF COURSE I couldn't leave out the Magic Kingdom!  If all my excitement and happiness at a Disney arrival could be translated into colors and shapes, I'm pretty sure the result would be the tutti frutti pattern.  The brilliantly bright, candy-colored hues echo all the energy in the park!  The saddle hipster looks like it would be another great style for a park day, combining fashion and functionality.

Although, I just have to say, the hipster bags at Vera Bradley kinda make me crack up, because I always picture hipsters using them!  I'm pretty sure that Vera Bradley made hipster purses before hipster hipsters were a thing, but still.

I couldn't resist having a little fun in photoshop. ;)

So which Vera Bradley pattern/purse would YOU guys chose for your Disney World days?  Post your picks in the comments - I'd love to hear!

**Above pictures of the bags came from - the Disney World photos behind them I took!**

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  1. I absolutely love how you match your outfits and accessories for the park day! I wear the same ol' same ol' Old Navy tank top in different colors when I'm in WDW during the warmer months. It just doesn't change for me, haha. I think about wearing things that are a bit more coordinating, but the extent of my matching is that I'll wear khakis and a green tank to AK!