Monday, September 9, 2013

Grand Central (Magnolia) Cupcakes

Hey everybody!  Before we get to today's sweet treat, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway.  I loved reading your notes and definitely have some new ideas for blog posts thanks to your suggestions!  Without further adieu, our winners are...Mary and Julia!  You both should receive an email with more info very shortly. :)

Now back to Monday's regularly-scheduled dessert!

Today I thought I'd share a cupcake...but not a Disney one this time!  I was in New York City last month, and my family stopped at Grand Central Station for some lunch...

This place is beautiful with that bright turquoise ceiling...but did you know downstairs there's also a beautiful food court?

The highlight of the food court for me was definitely the Magnolia Bakery!!  I had been to one of these before elsewhere in NYC, and they have some of the prettiest cupcakes around...

...they also have really pretty cakes...
There was a really charming-looking Grand Central Terminal Cupcake with some sort of fancy caramel and chocolate infusion, and I had almost decided on that one when I spotted a PISTACHIO cupcake.

I LOVE pistachio, but I have never had it in cupcake form before!  Eventually I picked out these two:

The pistachio's on the left, on the right is plain chocolate with some sweet blue icing!


MMmmmm...they were so lovely, but especially the pistachio one.  The flavor was there but wasn't overwhelming, and the icing was so creamy and light.  Definitely delish!

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