Monday, September 2, 2013

Gelato Bar at Art of Animation

When you walk into the Landscape of Flavors food court at Art of Animation, you are SURROUNDED by a sea of colors.

So it should come as no surprise that the food (more specifically, the desserts) are also bright and cheerful and rainbow-hued.

The cupcakes are colorful.

The eclairs are covered in colored chocolate shavings. (note to self: try an ├ęclair when next at Art of Animation).  But neither of these two are destined to be this Monday's sweet treat.  Today we're going with something even brighter:

Namely: the GELATO BAR!!
YUM.  They have so many lovely flavors, and they look so pretty.  Well, usually they look pretty.  If you go earlier in the day and the cast members and chefs are feeling creative, it will look as above.  If not, it might look like this...

Not as artistic, but still delicious!  We've got: raspberry, vanilla, chocolate, mango, nutella (I KNOW RIGHT??) and pistachio.

I had heard good things about this gelato, and was eager to try it on our last trip.  We were on the dining plan, and as the gelato costs $4.49 (there's just one size...a fairly smallish cup), it seemed like a good use of a snack credit!

I was glad to find you COULD combine flavors...I always have to get pistachio when it's available (BECAUSE IT'S DELICIOUS), but I also wanted to try the nutella.  So the cast member graciously gave me a bit of both!  And then there were TOPPINGS!

I know this is a really small thing, but it's the really small things that make the magic!  You could add on whatever you liked - sprinkles, MICKEY sprinkles, chocolate chips, and these adorable little pink crunchy bits.  Here was my final colorful creation:

It was a delicious Disney sweet treat!  I'm not sure I'd buy it out-of-pocket since it's a kinda steep price for a small serving, but it was a great pick for the dining plan!

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