Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Friday Finds: 9/20/2013

We've met it through yet another week, everybody!  I can't believe how swiftly September has been sweeping by.  Here are some of my fav web finds from this week:

1. Epcot's Food and Wine Festival starts next week!  I wish I could plan an impromptu trip JUST so I could try this banoffee tart at the new Scotland Marketplace!  Although, I kinda feel like banoffee belongs more at the Ireland booth.  When I studied in Dublin, I spotted banoffe (that magical combination of banana, toffee, and hopefully a little chocolate) EVERYWHERE.

2. Speaking of Epcot, I put up an update on my trip report earlier this week with lots of World Showcase wanderings, including some Impressions de France love (ALWAYS) and Mitsukoshi merchandise (love that place!).

3. You know those funny commercials for Ocean Spray with the two guys in the cranberry bog?  I LOVE those commercials - they never fail to make me smile.  Well those guys WENT TO DISNEY WORLD, and you can follow their adventures on the Craisins website!

4. If you need some extra smile in your Friday, just watch this Magic Kingdom 'magical mashup.'  It's a little strange how they remixed the voices, but I think it totally works.

5. One last youtube video (it is soooo easy to waste time on there...).  This is a fan-made Disney Prince Boy Band.  Just the premise sounds hilarious, but those guys can actually sing!  And it's so unique how they set the lyrics to different melodies.  Prince Charming's eyeliner is a bit much, and I skipped the first and last 30 seconds, but otherwise it's great. ;)

Did you catch all this week's pixie dust?

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