Friday, September 27, 2013

Five Finds: 9/27/13


1. Since I didn't get to doing my usual Europe post this week (don't worry - next week! promise!), here is some fabulousness from Paris on the Anthro Blog!

2. HAVE YOU HEARD???  They've added a grey stuff CUPCAKE to the Be Our Guest restaurant lunch menu.  The Disney Food Blog has pics.  I SO can't wait to try that!

3. If you need a laugh and have not yet seen the 'What Does the Fox Say' video, you should watch it.  Like now.  The sounds are hilarious.

4. My brothers are the Pokemon fans more than I am, but these Disney-and-Pokemon-universes collide drawings are just too cute!  Ariel's like, "What's a Magikarp??"

5. Running at Disney has lots of fun photos from the release party of the new Disney Vera Bradley collection.  So cute!

Did you catch all this week's pixie dust??
------Italy Pavilion Love------
------Where in WDW Trivia------

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