Monday, September 16, 2013

Adorable Little Chocolate Mouse from France

We're on a quest for an especially adorable sweet treat this Monday.  And to find it, we're going to have to look internationally!


Does anybody fancy a little trip to France?  If you go for a wander along the walls and streets of the Intra Muros, the old town, you'll find a certain beautiful patisserie that you just can't pass by without stopping in...

French pastry cases present some of THE MOST DIFFICULT decision-making situations you will possibly encounter in your whole entire life.  But when you spot two little white chocolate eyes smiling up at you, you won't be able to resist.

Do you see that row of tiny chocolate mice??  They were called "petit souris" at the shop, which means "little mouse."  And the little white tail and claws!  I knew I had to pick that.

Even missing an ear it's COMPLELTELY ADORABLE!!  Why can't I just walk down my street here in the states and pick up a cute little chocolate mouse as a snack?

He's almost too cute to eat!!

...but yeah...sorry Petit Souris...I'm still definitely going to eat you.

As you can see in the vlog, there were TWO different kinds of chocolate mousse in that chocolate mouse as well as a cookie base.  I LIKE IT.

J'adore le petit souris!

The little mouse wasn't the only beautiful discovery we made in St Malo...but to hear more about those adventures, you'll have to wait for next week's Emma-in-Europe post!

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