Monday, August 19, 2013

New Epcot Les Halles Boulangerie

Bonjour mes amis!  Bon Lundi Douceur!!

Excuse me - what I mean to say is - hello friends!  HAPPY SWEET TREAT MONDAY!

I am so excited...because today we are going to talk about Epcot's brand new BOULANGERIE AND PATISSERIE in the France pavilion!

Here's a panorama I tried (somewhat?) successfully to take with the strawberry...look at all that deliciousness (click for a bigger version).  But I'm getting ahead of myself...

The new Boulangerie is not in quite the same spot as before - as you can see from the sign on the tower, the old patisserie building now houses L'Artisan des Glaces, an ice cream shop!

To find the croissants and all the freshly baked good stuff, keep walking and enter the arches of Les Halles, the area where the Impressions de France movie lets out.  This area is much the same as before - there's still a gift shop, with tables and seating off to the left.  Only now, just beyond the tables, you'll find this:

BONJOUR BEAUTIFUL.  I adore the entry way, with the retro reds and blues and browns.  I really fell in love with the new décor.  The seating area is still fairly crowded (and really there still aren't enough tables) - but I do like that they added some tall counters where you can at least collect your thoughts and your desserts before you head out the door.  And guys.  THESE POSTERS:


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Parisienne ladies looking so sweet with their desserts!


I am waiting with baited breath for them to put these on postcards or notebooks or t-shirts or posters or just about ANYTHING.  I would buy these designs in a heartbeat.  I had just gotten my hair cut when we visited the Boulangerie, and it looked very much like the lady on the left.  So I couldn't resist a photo...

Just two fabulous girls who love a good ham and cheese croissant (Sunni, you need to get a photo here someday!!)

Now.  Back to the boulangerie.  If you're just coming in for a quick coffee or drink, there's a window off to the left...

But if you want to check out the desserts, you'll want the main entry.  There is a supersized double line here - much like the double line at the new Main Street Bakery Starbucks.  You can hop in either side, but both sides have the same selection.

First you'll come to the savory sandwiches and such.  Doesn't that croque monsieur look lovely?  But we're not here for that - we're here for the SUGAR.

I was immediately impressed by the visual spread of the Les Halles Boulangerie.  Everything was so colorful and beautiful, and the treats seem to stretch out as far as the eye can see.  Since you're surrounded on three sides by counters, it's like there are shining, gorgeous French pastries EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK!  To get the full effect you'll have to watch the vlog:

In the cases you'll find some old friends as well as some new faces...

The mousse au chocolate is present - and as lovely and large as ever.  There's also a lemon meringue tart.

If strawberry is more to your taste, you'll also find that in tart form as well!  Those next two items we sadly didn't try, but they are at the very top of my list for next time.  The café liegeous has coffee flavoring and Chantilly cream.  And the macaroon is just plain PINK and adorable.  You can also see a Napoleon lurking in the corner there.

Next up were the eclairs.  OH MY GOODNESS.  They were amazing.  You can choose from vanilla or chocolate cream inside (and icing on top).  Normally I am not a huge éclair person - the custard in side is usually to thick for my tastes - but the custard here was super light and lovely.  Next there's a raspberry mousse cup, creme brulee, and a little chocolate tart.  That chocolate tart was another favorite.  Those pretty little tufts and swirls of chocolate cream were scrumptious.

You guys, I am making myself SO HUNGRY right now.

The desserts disappeared way too quickly for me to get any good close-ups, but I did snap this side-view of the chocolate dome (the Duo au Chocolat).  It had white chocolate cream and regular chocolate cream on the inside, with a nice chocolate garnish on top!

My brother (Athos) and I, when we ordered, tried to say it all in French, and the cast member kindly humored us.  When we had finished, the CM said "C'est tout?" which means "Is that all?"  But Athos got really confused - "tout," which means 'all,' sounds the same "tu" which is the French word for "you."  So he thought the CM was saying "It's you?" and he wanted to reply "C'est moi!" or "It's me!"  LOL.

Sadly I somehow neglected to get a photo of the bread-like items: the croissants, the chocolate croissants, the baguettes, the brioche rolls.  But then I was pretty distracted trying to decide what to get and how to get it, as we were on the disney dining plan, and I was determined to get the best deal...

The CM told us we could choose "one savory, one sweet, and one drink."  This is not a bad place to use up your counter service and snack credits, but it is really important to BE STRATEGIC.

For the "savory" you want to make sure you go with an item that is $6 or more.  If you're like my family, you'll want to go with something that's $8 or $9 - one of the salads or sandwiches - to get the maximum value out of the dining plan.  Watch out for savory items, like the ham and cheese croissant, that are less than $5 - for these you could just use a snack credit instead of a whole counter service meal.  You might as well save the meal credit for something you can't get with a snack!

For the "sweet" you once again have to look for pitfalls.  The basic rule of thumb is that any dessert under $5 counts as the dessert portion of your meal OR a snack credit.  However, there are some over-$5 desserts that don't count as a snack credit but do count as the dessert portion of your counter service meal.  So it would be smarter to get one of the over-$5 desserts (like the chocolate dome, the raspberry mousse, the macaroon) as a part of your counter service meal and use snack credits on the others.  Some items that are under $3, like the croissants, you might just want to pay out-of-pocket for and save your snack credits for a more expensive item.

For the drink, there are the soft drink standbys, but there's also a lovely smoothie that could count as your drink, as well as things like coffee and hot chocolate.

Or, you know, you could just pick out what you want most and not worry about the value-factor. ;)  But my family is a little crazy and likes to analyze these things!

If you had a snack credit to spend at will, which treat from the new boulangerie would YOU pick??  Post in the comments!


  1. I can never pull myself away from the strawberry tart! We always get treats from the bakery while we wait for IllumiNations to start. Yum!