Monday, August 26, 2013

Le Fou's Brew!

It's Monday!  And today's sweet treat is a newcomer on the Disney dessert block...

We're going to take a trip to New Fantasyland to try Le Fou's Brew!

Ahhh...don't you just love a blue sky over New Fantasyland?

I made my way to Gaston's Tavern one lovely Florida day, excited to try Le Fou's brew for the first time.  I was a little bit nervous, as I had heard so many good things about it - whenever you set your expectations too high, it's so easy to be disappointed!

Le Fou's Brew consists of frozen apple juice (with a bit of toasted marshmallow flavor in there), topped off with a passion-fruit mango foam.

My verdict on this new tasty treat?  DELICIOUS.  I'm not a huge fan of apple juice, but the frozen "slushee" part of the drink was fruity and refreshing - I couldn't taste much of the marshmallow, to be honest.  But the absolutely best part was THAT FOAM!!

OH MY GOODNESS.  So creamy and fruity and beautiful - if I could order a cup of just the foam I would.  But the apple slushee did go nicely with it, and I made sure to make the foam last a long time!  I savored every sip!

Have you guys tried Le Fou's Brew yet??  What's your opinion?

And I felt that trying the Brew for the first time was such an important occasion that I just HAD to vlog it. ;)


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