Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Fab Finds: 8/16/13

Hey peoples!  If you're looking to finish off your week with a little mindless Internet surfing (and let's face it...we can all use that sometimes...), then you've come to the right place!  I've got you covered:

1. You may have already seen this if you follow me on twitter or facebook (and if you don't...go do it!!), but I have to share it here because I'm SO EXCITED.  Vera Bradley is doing a Disney Collection!  Mickey and Minnie are hidden in amongst the colorful swirls and flowers in the new patterns.  They come out this fall - I can't wait!

2. So for some reason, Hipster Disney Princesses seem to be dogging my steps this week.  I know.  I'm not even sure how I feel about it.  First I spotted this graphic on Pinterest, and it just made me laugh.  Then I noticed a Hipster Ariel shirt when shopping, so I finally had to look up the youtube music video that apparently inspired it all.  It's not in entirely good taste, but it is pretty funny!

3. I recently stumbled across another youtube video featuring Disney Princess-inspired fashions (they shot it at Disneyland, which is kinda cool).  OK - but guess what the "Ariel" look includes...HIPSTER GLASSES.  What is up with this trend?? 

4. Speaking of Disney fashions, did you know Disney has their very own style youtube channel where they feature tutorials from fans?  Very fun!  I love DisneyStyle's Brave Nail Design!

5. If you aren't all youtube-d out, you should check out some of my travel vlogs from last weekend.  I found an awesome cupcake at O'Hare Airport!

For yet more pixie dust, here's a recap of this week's posts:

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