Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Disney Detail Links: 8/23/13

Since I just posted a new Disney World Scavenger Hunt this week, I thought I'd stay with the Disney detail theme and make this Friday's Five Finds all about the beauty in the little things you can find in the parks and resorts.  Happy Weekend!

1. I have often admired the clever, themed Restroom Signs throughout Walt Disney World, so it was fun to see this post over on Plus the Magic full of photos of the cool signage.  I don't think I've even spotted all of these yet!

2. New Disney details always get me excited - like the new marquee for Princess Fairytale Hall in New Fantasyland that the Disney Parks Blog shared.  It looks so swirly and pretty - I can't wait to see the inside!

3. The Animal Kingdom park is full of beautiful little details - the Disney Hipster Blog recently paid homage to these lovely posters in Anadapur, near the Yak &Yeti!

4. Speaking of the AK, the Jambo Everyone blog just posted about the challenges and pleasures of a rainy day in the park.  The rain can be a drawback in some ways, and you wouldn't necessarily think of the weather as a detail - but I love how it can show you a whole new side and mood of the park!

5. I love it when resorts or restaurants or rides get their own on these vintage Disney matchbooks that the Disney Food Blog recently featured.  So cool!

And for yet more pixie dust...

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