Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Disney's Boardwalk & Crescent Lake Area Scavenger Hunt

So we've scavenged the Magic Kingdom and the parks for Disney details to discover, but I haven't yet done a photo scavenger hunt challenge for any of the resorts!  And the resorts have just as many gorgeous, half-hidden little things to look for. :)

So today I've got a brand new scavenger hunt list for you - dedicated to the Boardwalk and Crescent Lake area at Walt Disney World!  You may find the following scenes in the hallways or lobbies of the resorts around the lake, in restaurants, or just out walking the boards.  Feel free to print out the list to take it on your next trip or try guessing from memory!  Ready?  Here we go!

1. You haven't really visited the Boardwalk Area until you've looked in wonder at the Hippocampus Electrolier.  Try saying that five times fast!

2. Find these rather one-directional signs - looks like everything is that-a-way!

3. Pay a visit to Hue G. Krazont's establishment and pick up a freshly baked treat!

4. Look out for a seascape mural with bathing huts and hot air balloons!

5. Somewhere you'll see Mickey and Minnie watching the crowds go by!

6. Need a set of wheels?  There's a vintage car parked somewhere in the area!

7. Locate a cheerful striped ceiling!

8. These elegant fountains form a hidden flower/star shape in the water!

9. Find some sea-colored tiles under your feet.

10. The Boardwalk area at night is a must-see - especially the brightly-lit arches!

11. This is one of my favorite panoramic views - where should you stand to see it?

12. Look out for more shining nighttime lights bedecking the rooftops!

13. Sadly you can't ride this colorful ferris wheel - but do you know where to find it?

14. This quiet corner may look familiar - have you seen it? ;)

15. Kids can find a seat in these cute fishie chairs - but where?

16. Even the map stations are elegant around Crescent Lake!

17. Have you ever sampled a confection served with affection?

18. Take a break from your searching in these Adirondack chairs!

19. "It's deliciously cool inside."  Come Right In!

20.  Once you've finished all that scavenging, you deserve a treat.  Find your way to Joe's and give yourself a reward! ;)

I'll be posting a link to the answer key soon.  If you do take on the new scavenger hunt, be sure to tell me about it!  And for more Disney World Scavenger Hunts, don't forget to check out my ebook!


  1. Is there an answer key for this scavenger hunt?! LOVE IT btw

  2. What a great idea! We are taking our twin five-year old daughters next month and staying in that area. I like the idea of them "spotting" the photographs, instead of actually collecting items. Thank you for putting this together!